Blue Fluorite for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 6/3/12

Blue Fluorite for Water Cleansing in Full Moon Eclipse 6/3/12
Blue Fluorite for Water Cleansing in Full Moon Eclipse 6/3/12

Greetings Beloved GemPeople! The Universe has given us a collective assignment to work with Blue Fluroite in the energy of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to cleanse all the water on Earth. As most of you know this is so important – not only for the ecosystem of the planet, but for the ecosystems which make up our bodies which are roughly 75% or more water.

Blue Fluorite is an excellent meditation stone, and of is very calming to the “monkey mind” helping us to put aside all the little details so we can open our 3rd eye Chakras and activate our pineal glands to enter the alpha-wave (or deeper) state. Since Fluorite is naturally an octohedral structure, we have the sacred geometry of the double pyramid, i.e. as above so below of this particular Platonic solid associated with the element of Air. The Blue Ray, associated with the Throat Chakra, also is connected to the health of the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism, among other things. How has humanity clogged up the metabolism and functioning of the planet with toxins? A perfect example of this is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch the size of a state and unknown depth made up mostly of plastics and chemical debris. It is not surprising that so many people are affected by metabolism-related health challenges: we are One with our Mother Earth and as we treat her, so we treat ourselves. And with the Full Moon energies being activated with the Eclipse, we have a portal to strongly connect with the Water Element. I find it very interesting that there are two things the human body needs to survive – air and water, which are combined beautifully in Blue Fluorite.

So, what is the actual assignment? Between now and sun up on June 4th, we are being asked to connect with this intention to cleanse and purify all the water on the Earth via meditation with Blue Fluorite. We are invited to put Blue Fluorite near water sources, make gem waters out of the stone and drink it (if you have any doubts about the source of your stone, please use the indirect method), whatever we can think of. I will be placing mine in a fountain, along with other stones, for this period and setting my intention. If you don’t have a fountain, you could place a Blue Fluorite in a glass bowl and let it sit out for the Full Moon. You might augment this by placing paper under the glass bowl with the words “Love” or “Gratitude” or “Healthy” written on paper underneath, or even a picture of a really clean water source. Be creative!! The more people we have focused on this intention during this time the more powerful it will be!

All Flourites are known for their ability to absorb negative energies, so once you have used your Blue Fluorite for this purpose make sure to purify it in the best way you see fit. This might include burying it in the earth, covering in sea salt, using sage or cedar smoke, etc., and then charge it back up again with indirect sunlight, covering with flower petals, blue corn meal, or infusing it with your breath with the intention of Love.

Thank you All so much in advance for your support of this request from the Universe and for the health of our Sacred Mother Earth.

With All My Love,

Lisa, GemPowerment Gemagician

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