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Learn the most updated information about which allies from the Mineral Kingdom are coming forward at a given time to assist you with coherent co-creation.

Chrome Diopside for the Great American Eclipse 8-21-17

Greetings my Beloved GemPowerment Peeps! I have been called to break from my sabbatical to bring you a message from the Crystal Kingdom for this upcoming, powerful, astrological event. As it is quite easy to find out bunches of information

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Emerald for Full Moon in Gemini 12-13-16

  Greetings my Sparkly GemPowerment People and wishing you all many blessings for┬áthe last Full Moon of 2016 in Gemini! ┬áMany of us are ready for this year to be done, which is fitting as this is the end of

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Chrome Diopside and Platinum for Super Full Moon 11-14-16

Greetings and much love to each of you, my dear GemPeople! Sending you Full Moon Blessings for abundance, health, and joy! This Full Moon is in Taurus, with the Sun in Scorpio, and is a Super Moon. That means that

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Azurite-Malachite and Pyrite for Full Moon Eclipse 8-18-16

Greetings to you, my Sparkly GemPeople, and Happy Full Moon Blessings! No time for a full post today, but I wanted to bring you the short and sweet from Guidance about the best stones from the Crystal Realms to work

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Gold For Lion’s Gate 8-8 Thru 8-12-16

Greetings and welcome to the Lion’s Gate 8:8 my Beloved, Sparkly, GemPeople! When I did my check-in with Guidance about the best Mineral Kingdom ally for the Lion’s Gate energies, I was not surprised when the answer came back as

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Ruby for New Moon in Leo 8-2-2016

Hello my beautiful and sparkly GemPeople!! Wishing you many blessings for this New Moon in Leo!! With the Sun and Moon and Venus in Leo, on a “2” day, it’s all about Love, courage, and more love – both with

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Gallium for Full Moon in Capricorn 7-19-16

Greetings my dear Sparkly GemPeople! Many Full Moon Blessings to you! This Full Moon in Capricorn with the Sun in Cancer is a very interesting energy. Coming to Light are all our old ideals about work, institutions, social constructs, goals,

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Purpurite and Red Jasper for Full Moon in Sagittarius and Solstice 6-20-16

Greetings my Beloved, Sparkly, GemPeople!! Welcome to this truly unique Cosmic Light Bath of energies! 2nd Full moon in Sagittarius on a row, with Sun in Gemini, in the 29th degree, and a Grand Mutable Cross, followed 12 hours later

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Smokey Quartz for New Moon in Gemini 6-4-16

Howdy to all my Sparkly GemPeeps out there in the Universe and Happy New Moon!! There is a serious party in the Solar System, with practically every planet having some active influence on the New Moon energies. There is just

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White Azeztulite and Gold for New Moon 5-6-16

Greetings Beloved GemPeople and Happy Super New Moon in Taurus! We also have Mercury and Venus in Taurus at this time, as well as, five planets (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto) retrograde right now. This is a big opportunity in

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