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Rhodonite for New Moon in Aries 4-7-16

Greetings my Sparkly GemPeople! We have both the Sun and Moon in Aries (along with Venus and Uranus) so it’s time for courage, moving forward, energy, going with gut feelings, inspiration, insight and, CHANGE! It’s what’s for breakfast! We might feel

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Krypton For Full Moon Lunar Eclipse March 23, 2016

Many Blessings to each of you, Beloved GemPowerment People!! I am so happy to greet you in this time of amazing energy and potential for transformation and transmutation! As you are no doubt aware, at roughly 5am Pacific Time/USA on

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Aquamarine and Copper for Super New Moon Eclipse 3-8-16

Greetings to each of you beautiful, sparkly, GemPeople! This New Moon Eclipse occurs at 5:55pm Pacific Time in the sign of Pisces, which is also the solar assignment.  This New Moon is the first of 3 Super Moons occurring in

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Ruby Record Keepers for Full Moon in Virgo 2-22-16

Greetings my Beloved GemPeople and Full Moon Blessings to each of you! We have our Full Moon in Virgo occurring Monday at 10:19am Pacific Time with the Sun in Pisces. For these energies, we are shining the light on and

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Blue Apatite and Molybdenum for Full Moon in Leo 1-23-16

Greetings Beautiful, Sparkly GemPeople and Happy Full Moon Blessings to each of you! Today’s Full Moon at 3 degrees Leo heralds a cosmic party with fun and personal willpower to manifest! We are balancing this with the Sun in Aquarius,

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The Present Is Your Presence: Purple Fluorite and Blue Sapphire for Full Moon on Christmas 12-25-15

Greetings Beloved GemPowerment People!! Wishing you many Full Moon Blessings on this very special day! We have this Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas day, at 11:11am (UT) opposing the Sun in Capricorn. Cancer Moon opposing Capricorn Sun is about

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Lavender Quartz for New Moon in Scorpio on 11-11-15 Stargate

Howdy my Sparkly GemPeople! Sending each of you Light, Love, and Blessings on this amazing 11:11 Stargate with the Sun and New Moon both in Scorpio! With both Sun and Moon in this sign, expect intensity of emotion of course,

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Green Aventurine for Full Moon in Taurus 10-27-15

Greetings my Beautiful GemPeople and Many Full Moon Blessings! With Sun in Scorpio and the Full Moon in Taurus, we have an excellent opportunity to shine that big light deep into our Souls to find where we are not taking responsibility

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It’s All Aluminum for New Moon 10-12-15 to Full Moon 10-27-15

Greetings my Sparkly GemPeople! Here we are, at the end of what some call the “wormhole” of astronomical events of eclipses, challenging squares, equinox, Mercury retrograde etc., etc. in a New Moon where the Sun and Moon are both in

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Red Garnet for New Moon Solar Eclipse 9-12-15 thru Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 9-28-15

Greetings, Beloved GemPeople! Wishing you a very Blessed New Moon on this special occasion when the Sun and Moon are in Virgo, along with Jupiter, for a truly powerful cosmic alignment!  Along with these energies we will also have Chiron

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