Self-Muscle Testing for Personal Empowerment

Port Gamble Paranormal Ghost Conference 2018, Saturday, November 17, 4:00 – 5:00pm: Using Your Body as a Tool for Accuracy on Investigations: Muscle-Testing for Paranormal Researchers

Vision Quest Bookstore and Wellness Center, Saturday, January 26, 11:00am – 12:30pm: Self-Muscle Testing for Personal Empowerment $30USD

Energetic Self-Care In A Busy World – In this workshop you will learn several practical methods to keep yourself energetically balanced when you are faced with events that affect your physical, emotional, and/or mental well-being. For example, if you have a near-miss in traffic, how do you release your body from the stress of being in a fight-or-flight situation? If it’s happened before or you have had trauma like an accident, you might feel emotionally jarred all day. You may have difficulty erasing it from your mind, keeping you distracted. With these exercises you can go back to feeling good – alert and completely present – to do what you need to do!  Enjoy this article on why knowing these techniques is important for you!

We will announce the date soon!

Gemstone Protocol – Learn a step-by-step process to determine what are the best gemstones, metals, and/or minerals to vibrationally support your intentions and highest well-being. Pre-requisite: Self-muscle testing. Keep checking back for updates on when we hold the class.