Copper and Citrine Combo for Venus Transit 6/5/12

Combination of Copper and Citrine to activate and optimize the energies of the Venus Transit

Photo courtesy of Creativity Jewellery

Greetings, Beloved GemPowerment Family! By now, most of you have heard and are preparing for the energies of the rare Venus Transit tomorrow. I’m sure I’m not alone feeling very lucky to be in this time to experience it – and even live in a place on the planet to actually view it!

Universal Source, via the GPSC (Grand Planetary Stone Council) is offering us the combination of Copper and Citrine to activate and optimize the energies of this astronomical event. The Copper represents Venus and Citrine is the Sun. These two bodies effect Earth very strongly always, but this rare alignment is providing an amplification. After being infused (some would say bombarded) with all the intense Light Codes with these last few Eclipses and the Super Moon, now is the time for balance. We are being guided to have the Copper/Citrine combination on our bodies on both sides, i.e. in our pockets, holding one in each hand, or to make earrings and have one on each ear, etc. During the Transit, imagine an infinity symbol or a Vesica Pisces going between the two Copper/Citrine pieces.

We have an opportunity to balance our endocrine systems, our brain hemispheres, our Divine Feminine and Masculine sides, and all our 3D polarities. Actually, it’s more about the integration part that happens after the balance takes place for this Transit. Additionally, I am being shown that as we collectively vibrate to the next level of New Earth we are also pushing Light and Healing back in time and space to traumatic past civilizations and cataclysms that we have experienced on this planet and integrating the knowledge of our lessons from those times into the New Earth energies as well. We will need this information going forward to make it all work.

I would say be open to all the changes on all levels that each of us individually and collectively will experience in the next few weeks. Source tells me that for those of us actively working with this energy, the integration should be mostly complete by the Solstice.

I hope this is useful information for each of you to make the most of this amazing event!

Will All My Love Always,

Lisa the GemPowerment Gemagician ♥

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