Beryllium Copper is our Ally for Full Moon in Gemini 12-17-13 thru New Moon 1-1-14

This is a harmonious combination of opposites for strength and resonance!

This is a harmonious combination of opposites for strength and resonance!

Greetings, Beloved Gempowerment People! Welcome to the last Full Moon of our transition year of 2013! Word on the street is that this Full Moon is gonna be an intense one: either a blessed combination or a difficult clash of opposites with the Sun in Sag and the Moon in Gemini – or maybe a little of both!  But what this Full Moon is really illuminating for us is where we are in conflict with ourselves (i.e. self-sabotage) and how we can make these disparate parts of ourselves work to our advantage vs. our detriment.  We will need this knowledge moving forward, especially with Uranus going direct the same day after 5 months of retrograde, as we’ll be itching to get going on projects and we’ve only got two weeks to prepare before a New Moon and a New Year! Wouldn’t it be nice to move forward with a better understanding of and possibly a resolution of our internal struggle?

Let’s talk about this very intriguing alloy of Copper and Beryllium. I will leave any more in-depth astrology to the experts so I may focus on the understanding of this example from the Crystal Realms in this time of need. Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, is very malleable, and is one of Humanity’s most ancient allies from the Mineral Kingdom. Over eons it has been worked with many other metals to create Bronze (when combined with Zinc) and Brass (when combined with a variety of metals from Tin to Nickel to Silicon and more) and has been at the heart of everything mechanical or electrical mankind has ever created. Beryllium was only added to the mix in the last century, when the need arose for non-magnetic, non-sparking, corrosion-resistant, light-weight components that could endure very high temperatures and pressures. Beryllium is the first of the alkaline earth metals, is very rare on Earth, is highly toxic and difficult to extract. In fact, much of the Beryllium we have is currently in the form of gemstones of the Beryl family such as Emerald, Morganite, Aquamarine, Heliodor, and Goshenite. I hate to say that these gems are destroyed to release the Beryllium contained therein, but when you know what this alloy is used for, you won’t mind as much. Beryllium Copper is utilized in a wide variety of industries including Telecommunications, Aerospace, Medicine, Transportation, Space Exploration, Energy (including Solar), and Manufacturing. This metal combo has the highest strength of any copper alloy that metallurgists have thought to put together so far. Notably, it is used in the manufacture of professional-quality percussion instruments, especially tambourines and triangles, because it produces an exceptional clear tone and strong resonance. Unlike most other materials, an instrument composed of beryllium copper will maintain a consistent tone and timbre for as long as the material resonates.

Usually Guidance gives some advice as to the best way to work with a gemstone or metal for a given time to impart the most beneficial vibration and make the most of the energies that are in our collective field in a particular time frame. You are welcome to try to find your own specimen of BeCu to work with as your own intuition leads you, however, this time my understanding is this alloy is almost metaphorical in nature and is being offered at this time as an example of the best result of our discovery process for improvement in this area.

As always, many blessings on your Journey to your deeper Truth and understanding of yourself! The Crystal Realm stands ready to assist us as we move into this next phase of our individual and collective revelation of Source.

Lovingly Submitted,

Lisa Mintz Kavas,

Quantum Wellness Advocate and GemPowerment Gemagician

© GemPowerment 2013. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided, including complete author and copyright information. Thank you and much Crystal Light and Healing for All!

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