Enhance manifestation

Hematite and Milky Quartz Hearts bracelet and earring set.

Hematite is a stone that enhances personal magnetism and manifestation through attraction. This stone is very grounding and primarily yang in its energy, which is excellent for timid or shy people. Hematite brings awareness of the subconscious and the Shadow Self, for study and acceptance and, ultimately for integration in the Whole. It carries a high frequency and can assist in anchoring in of the desires of the High Self with this plane of existence. It vibrates to the number 9.Quartz (silicon dioxide) is the most prominent mineral in the crust of the earth. Quartz crystals have been used for centuries in piezo-electric applications, i.e. for transmitting and receiving electric signals. Wearing Quartz draws life force into the body from the Earth and is a wonderful all-over tonic, energizer, and healer in alignment with our evolution in that moment.

Enhance manifestation

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