Gold and Silver Combination for the “Ring of Fire” Eclipse 5/20/12

Gold and Silver Balance Polarities thru Eclipses

Gold and Silver Balance Polarities thru Eclipses

Well, Beloveds…here we are! Today is the Annular Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini and the Pleiadian Galactic Alignment! Guidance has posited working with Gold and Silver in combination today. We have an opportunity to bring all polarities into balance – on an internal/personal/individual level, as well as a social/continental/planetary one. When we see the moon moving in front of the sun leaving the “Ring of Fire”, we see that our Shadow aspects are part of ourselves as a perfect whole. It has been this way and served its Purpose, and integration is now not only possible, but necessary in fulfillment of the collective Path. It’s really been all about the Light this whole time…. Many of us have been wondering how we can harmonize our 3D and high-dimensional existences in a way that is still functional on all levels and not uncomfortable as so many of us have been experiencing. With today’s energies we will begin to feel more at ease and may also find doors of insight opening into how we can now move forward into a more multi-dimensional existence. The energies of Silver and Gold in combination can assist us with this transition and transmutation into our expanded and integrated Selves. I am also getting the message that working with this combination through the next Eclipse in June, especially with any gemstones or crystals you feel drawn towards, will activate this even more deeply for each of us.

On a more personal note…if you are also one of those that has always been drawn to the Pleiades and felt that longing, I embrace you as Family and Greet you with a Heart-felt, “Welcome Home!!”

With All My Love,

Lisa, GemPowerment Gemagician ♥

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