Grand Planetary Stone Council Channellings

January 11, 2011
“Glad tidings, Children of Earth, for you are coming into a time when understanding of your connection with Earth is a critical element in your individual and collective evolution. It is more important than ever that you become aware of where your food, water, and anything which you consume for your Life comes from. Raise your your awareness of how this affects your local communities and the world at large. Ask yourself how you can assist in this effort (to spread awareness).

You will be asked this year to tune in as Earth shifts, to not give in to panic, for All Is Well. You are also being asked to raise your level of consciousness and keep the vision of a healthy and thriving Earth in your Heart and in your thoughts.

With this, we leave you for now, but know that we are with you always.”

November 11, 2010
“Look to the gemstone and crystal allies in the days ahead – you will need them more than ever if you are to transmute the lower vibrating energies that no longer serve you and ascend into your potential as individuals and as a species. We have been watching and assisting you through all the various phases of your journey and are so very pleased that you have come this far. New gemstones and crystals are coming forward in the next year to help (humanity) – look for them and do not fear what people who are new to this way of energetic therapy may say. Instead, know that you are made of Earth and of Stars; and you are only going back to your roots. It is also equally important that usage of gemstones and crystals be accompanied by conscious shifts in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. The method in which you utilize each gemstone and crystal (for self-empowerment shall be) unique to you.”

October 15, 2010
“Children of the Earth, we on the GPSC are here to assist humanity in aligning with the Highest Light possible. We do this through reconnecting you with the rocks, crystals, and minerals of Earth. Each element has a specific frequency of resonance so that when you place it in your field you will receive the benefits that stone has to offer. The vibrational tone of each element adjusts the electronic frequencies in your bodies at the cellular and subtle levels to achieve an overall harmony from a state of imbalance. This is why using the Mineral Kingdom to rejuvenate and raise your vibration and your consciousness is critical. In this way you are bringing Light to yourselves and the whole of Creation.”

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