Green Calcite for New Moon in Gemini 6/19/12

Cleanse your mental body with Green Calcite

Cleanse your mental body with Green Calcite

Greetings, Beloved GemPeople, and a very Happy New Moon in Gemini (the second this month)! Guidance has brought forward Green Calcite to assist us with clearing our mental bodies of outdated and limiting beliefs, thoughts, and the archtypes we create from them that tend to manifest in 3D reality.

The New Moon is a chance for a fresh start at something, and combined with the influence of mental Gemini suggests we have a new opportunity today and into tomorrow to bring more cognizance to how we shape our realities from what we are thinking and why we are thinking it.  Like all Calcites, Green Calcite is an amazing cleanser of energies. Use a Green Calcite at your Brow Chakra to pull all the old thoughts that are in any way curtailing or limiting the birthing of your Best and Highest Self into this New Earth.  If you don’t have one or would prefer, you can also ask the Deva of Green Calcite to wash your mental body with this intention.

This is an invitation to pay attention to how we are communicating with each other as well, and how this also affects our subtle bodies. Time to question everything and go with what ways of thinking, what beliefs, which methods and form of communicating with others and with ourselves (read – our inner critics) honor ourselves and our individual and collective birthright(s) as Divine Creators.

My sense is that this is just the beginning of this process to be honed and focused on through the end of 2012. Our thoughts shape our reality and this is the crucible between now and the end of the year, to “clean up our act” as my Guides put it. For those of us actively engaging in this process, we shall see be benefit of what we speak resonating more in alignment with what we truly desire to create, and I’ll bet we will have much clearer – and happier, more peaceful – emotional bodies as well.

In Loving Service,

Lisa the GemPowerment Gemagician ♥

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