Green Fluorite for Full Moon in Taurus 10-29-12

Green Fluorite for Full Moon in Taurus 10-29-12

Green Fluorite for BE-ing!!

Greetings Beloved GemPowerment Family, and welcome to the Abundance of this upcoming Full Moon in Taurus! Our Lunar Lady enters this sign just before 1pm California time on 10-29-12. In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Harvest Moon and in this sign it is time to reap all the discipline and hard work is now going to pay off for our ease and comfort! If you have been doing your work you will find this is a portal for things to finally come to you. Take this day to In-Joy your physical body, go out into nature, eat some delish food, be with good friends, and relax in the knowledge that this is true.

Guidance has brought forward Green Fluorite for the Full Moon energies. Fluorite in general is excellent for discernment and focusing mental faculties, and is an excellent cleanser of negative energies. We have all been through so much lately – mentally, emotionally, physically, vibrationally, and spiritually – take your pick. This Full Moon is about IN-JOYing this moment: connecting with ourselves, our bodies, our loved ones, that tree over there, that cloud, that bee flying by doing its daily honey-making activities, etc. If there were every a day to just BE, this is IT! BE grateful, BE content…give yourself a vacation from your worries for the next 24 hours, as much as you can!  Some of us might find it difficult to do this because we’ve taken such a beating lately…and that is exactly where Green Fluorite can help. This amazing Mineral Ally is ready to adjust your frequencies on whichever level(s) are most-needed so you can be in this space.  And, as the Moon is void of course all day tomorrow 10/30, not much will be going on to potentialize 3D manifestation, so go with it and have a nice rest. Trust me, all your cares, problems, issues, and chores will be there Wednesday when you take up your regular life again.

Just before publishing this, I got a hit that Green Fluorite’s help for us individually is especially important right now for Mother Earth as well. She also been taking a beating lately trying to get into balance. When you are working with your Green Fluorite by either holding it, keeping it with you, making a gem water with it, wearing it in jewelry, meditating with it, or even looking at a picture of it if you don’t have your own, also ask the Deva to send this balance, gentle cleansing, and JOY to the planet in light of all the storms and earthquakes that are happening on both coasts of North America, and around the world today and over the next few days.

Sending each of you my gratitude for being part of GemPowerment, and much LOVE as we journey forward together in the New Energy.

Lisa ♥ GemPowerment Gemagician

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