Hold Your Gold 6/6/13 Through New Moon in Gemini 6/8/13

Hold Your Gold 6/6/13 through New Moon 6/8/13

Gold is perfect for providing a high-energy but stable vibrational field.

Greetings Most Sparkly GemPeople! I am very excited to share with you this post since we have a little bit of turbulence ahead and it’s time to put on the fasten seatbelt light!

A few things are happening astrologically right now. First of all, we are in the Shadow of Neptune retrograde, which will go into full effect on 6/7. In addition, we have the waning moon, which will be void of course for rather a long  period: 6/5 at 6:25 AM through Thursday 6/6 at 8:32pm PDT when the Moon moves into Gemini. And there’s some interesting Mars, Mercury, and some Venusian influences thrown into the mix. This means we may be tempted to be drawn into our deepest shadow and entertain all sorts of ideas about “worst case scenarios” or decide indulge in watching dark movies/TV etc.; to isolate ourselves; to get depressed about all the things we haven’t accomplished or focus on how much in our lives is not what we thought it would be or what we don’t have. Remember..we are in the VOID…the nothingness from which everything is possible…coupled with Neptune retro and all these other energies! Therefore, instant manifestation could be our worst enemy! The trick over this time period is to stay positive and around high-vibration things, and keeping Gold in and around our person will help us stay Light and energetic.

Gold is often associated with the Sun – not only our local solar body, but by many ancient cultures and New Age culture with the Great Central Sun of our galaxy. It is a rather rare element in the cosmos; and we are lucky to have a fair abundance here on our little Blue planet. Gold’s inherent property of high electrical conductivity and low reactivity are a rare combination and perfect for providing a high-energy but stable vibrational field. Gold is well-known as an element which can carry the energy of the Sun and archetypal Masculine on this planet, as well as being an augmenter of positive vibrations and all things aligned with Source. It is the quintessential metal to represent manifestation from Spirit into 3D, and often symbolizes our reward at the end of an arduous journey or quest where there have been lessons learned and growth of the Soul.

So, until the New Moon in Gemini hits on 6/8 (8:56am PDT) wear as much Gold as you can! Any kind will do, but yellow is best (vs. white gold which has less actual Gold in the alloy). Keep it in touch with the skin and maybe even wear some at night during your dream time to keep things Light there as well. In addition, be careful what you wish for and don’t start anything really important until the New Moon. Just enjoy the dreamy-ness and let your imagination run wild with visions of your Heart’s Desires, chat with friends, and laugh as much as possible!

With Sparkly Light and Love to each of you, my GemPeople!

Quantum Wellness Advocate and Gemagician ♥

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8 comments on “Hold Your Gold 6/6/13 Through New Moon in Gemini 6/8/13
  1. emmy morgan says:

    My lifestyle has left my real gold in the box, but it’s coming out now. Watch out world! I’m going glitz, jeans or not!

  2. Caitlin says:

    Great info. Thanks Lisa, I’m putting on some gold right now!

  3. Hooray! Gold and jeans…a classic California combo, Miss Emmy! In-Joy! ♥

  4. Hi Caitlin! Welcome back home! Glad you found the info helpful! Work that Gold vibe! 😀

  5. Taylor says:

    how would you say wearing silver would effect me during this period? Would that perhaps not be the best idea? I’ll feel it out haha

  6. Thanks for this question! While Silver does conduct electricity better than Gold, it is a very Yin/feminine metal and may not have the masculine energy to help keep you focused on your goals like Gold will. The void/waning Moon is already a very Yin energy time. If you wish you can wear both, but if you can you will probably want to wear more Gold than Silver. You can always muscle test yourself on this. If you would like to learn how to do this, please consult with the videos posted on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/GemPowerment. Have a Gem of a Day! ♥

  7. Thankyou for this post! Was wondering what was going on the past couple of days, seemed to of escape everything to be sucked back in again. When is the new moon? Im quite new to astrology, is it possible to know what will be going on astrological june/july/august? many thanks <3

  8. New Moon will be in effect 8:35am Saturday. We are out of the void moon now, just dealing with the Neptunian retro energies. You should be ok traveling if you have clear plans and wearing some Gold! Have a safe trip. 😀

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