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Gempowerment Love DonationGreetings Beloved GemPowerment Family!

I created GemPowerment with the Mission to educate people about the multi-dimensional aspects of the Mineral Kingdom as healing allies, and to facilitate resonance between those crystals and gemstones needed in the Highest Good for individuals, our communities, and our planet. This is part of my personal Global Mission and Soul’s purpose, i.e. my reason for my incarnation on Earth at this time.

In fulfillment of this Mission, I offer many paid services such as Personal Gemstone Readings, Consciously-created, Reiki-energized jewelry, and Vibrational Healing sessions incorporating many modalities and tools. I also offer via my GemPowerment Facebook page postings on individual crystals and gemstones which include physical and metaphysical information that is timely and immediately applicable. Often I include in my postings and on my GemYenta blog, channelings from the Devas of the Stones being talked about as well as the Grand Planetary Stone Council, which is an 11th Dimensional group which oversees the seeding, growth, and distribution of various stones at particular places and at specific intersections with humanity’s evolution to assist us toward out long-term goal of Ascension. I am frequently participating in Earth healing work on a regular basis.

Humanity seems to still be challenged in 3-D with the issue of abundance, prosperity, and money as we are in the process of transition. Because of this, there are often many times when the funds I receive from paid services are insufficient to cover the costs of website maintenance, and other operational costs, as well as my time given to channeling work and other activities in support of the Mission. I am working with Spirit to change and transform what I am being called to do, both as a paid services and as part of my Light contribution to be more in the Flow of Receiving for Service.

If you have been enjoying my posts on Facebook and my blog, and/or appreciate the other work being done, then I invite you to make a Love Donation! Please go to the Donation page and put it in your shopping cart. I am happily accepting donations of any amount via PayPal – just click the “Donate” button above! At this time donations do not qualify for any type of tax deduction.

My dear Earth Tribe, I am extremely grateful for your support in all ways I have made available at this time and I am in the process of creating more! I am already looking forward to co-creating in Service to the Mission for our mutual Highest Good for the Tribe and our beautiful Planet Earth!

With All My Love,

Lisa Mintz Kavas, M.I.B.A., H.H.P., H.K., C.S.M., & Reiki III

Owner and GemPowerment Gemagician

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