Merkabite Calcite for Super Perigee Full Moon in Capricorn 6/23/13

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Merkabite Calcite allows us to optimally express our Divinity as well as our Humanity.

Hello to all my Sparkly GemPeople out there! If you happened to look up in the sky last night, you may have imagined our Silver Lady shining more brightly then ever! This is because it we are working towards a Super Perigee Full Moon on the 23rd, which means she is the closest and largest full moon of the year, although we did have a slightly smaller “Super” Full Moon in May of this year as well.

With the Sun just moving  into the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon in Capricorn, we may take this opportunity to explore the deepest suppressed emotional (and mental) disturbances that may be blocking our ability to have clarity about our co-creative process and cut us off from the upper in-b0dy as well as the transpersonal chakras. We can use our powers of logic to get a higher perspective about our emotional state as a reminder that emotions are nothing more than a barometer to our Soul which guide us about the choices to make that are right for us. They are not what we are, although they are an important aspect in our 3D state, because they serve as a bridge to the center of the Heart Chakra which is the Seat of the Soul and our connection to the Divine.  We will be challenged to balance between the logic of Capricorn and the emotion of Cancer, in a way that allows us to optimally express our Divinity as well as our Humanity. And, we’re allowed to have fun doing it! Spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. Feel free to express yourself with them – use emotion words and don’t over-intellectualize when you do.  Nurture yourself or even party a little tonight and let the Moon illuminate every cell in your body! In fact if you can be outside tonight for a while even better. This is probably easier for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere as it’s summer for us, than for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, so if you do live down-under and go out, bundle up!  This would be an excellent time to practice the ancient yogic Indian technique called Trataka, which is steady gazing at the Moon (it can also use a flame, fire, etc.). Trataka helps one to fully tune into psychic abilities and open one’s inner vision. And, of course, if you have crystals that are normally inside this time is PERFECT to get them really charged up on Full Moon vibes, so they should go outside overnight as well!

Guidance has shown me Calcites (CaCO3) for Full Moon times before, which you can read going back in the posts, but this time with a twist. Merkabite Calcite is a semi-opaque white Calcite, which sometimes grows in odd shapes such as disks or with weird ridges. This stone is mainly found in Kansas, USA. What’s so odd about this shape is that most Calcites form into “rhombs” or rhomboid shapes due to their cleavage (trigonal system). However, Calcite has many polymorphs such as Aragonite and Vaterite and organic origins such as that found in shells, and is fairly soft on the Moh’s Scale at around a 3-4, so I guess it’s not so surprising it could morph into another form to assist Humanity. This variety of Calcite is known as one connecting to the Highest Realms of Light, including the Akashic. When all is revealed in this Full Moon, allow Merkabite Calcite to raise the Light Quotient around any emotion, issue, blockage, etc., that you wish to have healed.   Become One with the Cosmos, while you remain YOU, firmly in your body, and see your Divine I AM presence merging with the 3D you.  It helps us realize that all the hurts, etc. are only our story, and perhaps we can gain some insight and clarity about why we created them, and how we can now thrive from the experience as a more complete Be-ing.  Like this type of Calcite, how can we take what are our basic building blocks and become something new and better that’s in alignment with the New Earth energy?  Remember, it’s really all about Love and Joy, ultimately, so how can we get there with ease and grace? Take your Merkabite Calcite outside with you tonight to Moon-gaze, put it in your pocket if you’re at a party or going for a walk, and then put it in your pillowcase for your dream time. You can use the energies of Merkabite Calcite through Monday for this process.  If you don’t have a Merkabite, use any variety of White Calcite and ask the Deva to imbue it with the energies of Merkabite during this time, then go get yourself a piece of Merkabite for next time! 😀

Holding each one of you Beloveds in Light as we celebrate the Joy of Be-ing here on the special planet at this time of Illumination, with all the help from the Cosmos!

With Love,

Lisa – Gemagician and Quantum Wellness Advocate

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