Opal Aura Quartz for Super New Moon in Aquarius 1-30-14

Let Opal Aura Quartz help you envision outside the limits what you have been able to imagine before!

Let Opal Aura Quartz help you envision outside the limits of what you have been able to imagine before!

Greetings Beautiful, Sparkly, GemPeople!! Welcome to the second Super New Moon this month, which some call the Black Moon.

With this New Moon in Aquarius we can be a rebel for our own cause, think outside of the box, and dare to dream. When doing so, remember to include an intention that, when we are visioning our deepest desires for ourselves, not only do we win but our success benefits the greater community or whole as well. We don’t have to figure out how that might work – that’s the Universe’s job – but we can intend it and vision it – and this is the perfect time to do so!

In addition to all these energies of course, is the addition of the Chinese New Year starting the very next day on Friday, January 31. This is the Year of the Green Wood Horse:  a year to gallop forward toward your dreams, enjoy a little more luck in creating outcomes of synergy, and to use your intuition and metaphysical gifts to find your Path.

Opal Aura Quartz is combining the power of Quartz to amplify and direct energies with Platinum.  Many people who work with crystals for energy entrainment, i.e. crystal healing, are reticent to use any stone that has been altered by human technology, however most will make an exception for the Aura Quartz family. To create the Aura Quartz’s, rare metalic elements such as Platinum, Gold, Titanium,  and some not-so-rare such as Silver, Copper, Iron, etc., are electro-statically bonded onto the Quartz. What this means is that there is a sharing of electrons between the atoms on the outside of the Quartz and the element, so the colors that are produced can never be scrapped off. There is a perfect fusion at the atomic, and some would argue, at the quantum level, as the metaphysical properties of the Aura Quartz are amplified beyond what happens just putting the two next to each other.

With Opal Aura Quartz we are being given encouragement in this time to do some powerful intending by asking ourselves, “What else is possible?”  This is like having a clean slate upon which to create the new chapter in our lives, so you are encouraged to consider possibilities beyond your former limits.

To work with Opal Aura Quartz in these Super New Moon energies, Guidance has the following specific instructions. Find the piece of Opal Aura Quartz you would like to work with and charge it during the New Moon. You can look online for your location, but here in California it’s at a weird time: 1:39pm. Place the stone out before fullness and leave it until after. I would suggest leaving it out until it actually gets some night-time exposure, but use your intuition on timing. Then use this as a meditation stone over the coming months when you are focusing on manifesting and/or intending your goals, place it by your bed at night to work with you, and/or keep it on top of your list if you’re writing down all your intentions. If you would like to energetically clear your stone without ruining the New Moon programming, use sage smoke only. If you do not have an Opal Aura in time for the New Moon, you can substitute regular clear Quartz and ask the Deva of Opal Aura and of Platinum to program that stone for you. You can also energize a plain clear Quartz with this Platinum Quartz crystal bowl recording.  Another idea would be to find a fine wine glass or other crystal drinking vessel that is decorated with Platinum and charge some water for the New Moon by leaving it out during the time. You can put your intention list under it to boost it even more and then drink up. Cheers!

On a personal note, all the new beginnings associated with the New Moon are very applicable for me as I am starting a new chapter in my life right now. My husband and I are preparing to move out of state and there is much in transition. It is truly a blessing as, after many decades of being on assignment in Southern California, I feel as though I’m going to a place I can feel more at home on the planet. What this means for all you amazing GemPeople is that my GemYenta Blog posts, as well as, GemPowerment Facebook posts may be few and far between for a few months until we are settled into our new, as-yet-to-be-found, house. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for your support, and to ask for your kind patience in this process. New things are coming up for me and what I will be offering in the years ahead, and as you are on the subscription list you will be among the first to hear about them!

Wishing you many blessings in your Journey!

Lovingly Submitted,

Lisa Mintz Kavas

Quantum Wellness Advocate and GemPowerment Gemagician

© GemPowerment 2013. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided, including complete author and copyright information. Thank you and much Crystal Light and Healing for All!

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  1. NaPua Oney says:

    🙂 yeah I am so happy for you both and will be anxiously awaiting new posts when you get settled 🙂 <3

  2. Thanks, Eve…you’re a doll! I’ll let you know as things progress! ♥

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