Orange Kyanite and Heliodor for Full Moon in Aquarius 8-20-13

Orange Kyanite and Heliodor for Full Moon 8-20-13

Create from Soul and Shine it out to the world with Orange Kyanite/Heliodor combo!

Orange Kyanite and Heliodor for Full Moon 8-20-13







Greetings Beloved GemPowerment Family, and welcome to this amazing Full Moon time!

The combination of Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius offer a chance to stand out and be recognized for any work you are doing that benefits the larger good. Maybe you’re a Healer or “Light-Bearer” practicing your calling. Maybe you’re a Teacher, an Artist, or work in loving Service to others, giving from the Heart. Or, maybe you’re the best Barista at Starbucks, or ALL OF THE ABOVE?!  In this Full Moon time we are being given an opportunity to be our most radiant selves, and allow that to inspire our creativity to do great things in our lives, for our families, and our communities.  This is not a drill…time to roll up those sleeves and get to creating!

Guidance has once again given us a combination with the beautiful gemstone  Heliodor. If you remember, Heliodor came up in the Full Moon Guidance for last month as well. Here’s a little reminder, “This is the Yellow variety of Beryl, also known as Golden Beryl, which is Greek for, “Gift of the Sun.”  This Fire element stone is intensely activating to the Solar Plexus chakra, which is the center of personal power and conscious creation. This stone is about leadership and self-responsibility. This gemstone can assist one to focus on personal empowerment and co-creation with the Divine by helping to tap into the limitless abundance of the Universe through our Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.” What have you been doing in the last month to create this? If you have been doing your work to create and play “big” then you will be in for a treat when the Sun goes into Virgo on August 22nd when you’ll be able to hunker down and work on the details of your grand plans.

The second Crystal Ally in the combination is Orange Kyanite – probably the least known and “newest” color of Kyanite available. Kyanite is an aluminum silicate (Al2SiO5O) and is formed in very high pressure metamorphic rocks. The most common variety, the Blue color, is known as a high vibrational stone that can assist with communication, intuition, connection and opening of the Throat Chakra to Speak One’s Truth.  It is one of the few stones that never needs to be cleared as it keeps itself and other stones, as well as the subtle bodies of people and the environment around it, cleansed of discordant energies. The Orange variety was first discovered in  Tanzania, in 2005 and gets the color change from the addition of Manganese to the matrix.  In keeping with the Blue variety, Orange Kyanite is also a creative stone which can open our Clairsentinence in the Sacral Chakra so we just “know” what is right for us. It is also a gemstone that reminds us to take pleasure and Joy in the process of doing whatever our Souls have lead us to do as we are perfectly imperfect Humans creating Divinely in multiple dimensions!

This combination of stones asks us to do nothing less than create from the very depth of our Souls, to be acclaimed and acknowledged for contributions made, and for our efforts to become part of the Great New Story that is being written in this Year 1 of the New Earth and Ascension energies.   Guidance says we can put these stones where we work; i.e. on top of papers or paintings or whatever we’re working on, or on an altar, or can be used in mediation when it is about what you are bringing forth that fits these parameters.  So, if you are writing a presentation or working on a book, put these stones where you can see them on your desk. If you are painting, put them in your pocket or your bra, or somewhere you can see them. Use your imagination and intuition on the best way for you to interact with these Crystalline Helpers since making it all about what’s best for you is the name of the game!  If you don’t have a physical piece of either of these you can ask the Deva of the Stones to infuse your being while you are creating. Guidance tells me you *can* substitute Citrine for the Heliodor, just like last month, but it is the “lite” version for these purposes.

Wishing you LOVE and luminous success in all your Divine Creations, GemPeople!

Lisa – GemPowerment Gemagician and Quantum Wellness Advocate

© GemPowerment 2013. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided, including complete author and copyright information. Thank you and much Crystal Light and Healing for All! 

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