Platinum for New Moon in Libra 10-4-13

Platinum for New Moon in Libra 10-4-13

Greetings Beloved GemPowerment Family! This New Moon is a perfect opportunity to get a fresh look at our relationships and see where we can create more balance on all levels. This means possibly giving something up that you are “used to” and doing or thinking something that is outside your usual bag of tricks. And because of both the Moon and Sun being in Libra, the focus is even more on BALANCE, diplomacy, harmony, Truth,  and courage. This is our last chance this year to search in the depths of our Souls to change or be changed from external stimuli in preparation for the Full Moon in Aries this month complete with Solar eclipse  and the next New Moon in Scorpio sporting a hybrid Lunar Eclipse. And, we may have to Trust ourselves and leap not knowing if there’s a net or not.  Time to ask, “What else is possible?”

Guidance brought up Platinum as the primary member of the Mineral Kingdom to assist with optimizing and easing these energies for three days prior to and three days after the New Moon.  This is such a rare metal which has very interesting and specific properties. First of all, it is extremely strong: so much so that it is used to replace bones and other body parts as it is hypo-allergenic. Platinum is used as a homeopathic remedy as well as nutritional supplement to balance hormones, cellular metabolism, and excesses of all kings. In cars it is used in catalytic converters to render inert or less damaging to the environment the by-products of combustion. It was treasured by the Ancient Egyptians for decorations on sarcophagi due to its durability and resistance to tarnish.  Metaphysically, Platinum assists our DNA hold its integrity in accordance with our Divine Blueprint and all the ancient knowledge contained therein.  Platinum is a refractive metal and therefore a perfect mirror to show us what we need to change to reveal our true selves.  Platinum helps us acknowledge that all is not as it appears and, going forward, we would best be served by challenging everything we “think” we know, see, and feel about our lives.  The Platinum Ray is one of the newer High Vibration Rays that has come to the planet to assist us repair the damage we have done to our beautiful Earth and our beautiful bodies.

According to the gem-scription for these energies, Platinum can work with us more on a physical level than anything else this time. When I asked for more information about this, I was told that our bodies are a reflection of our inner energetic world as well as the external physical environment we have co-created. An excellent place to start with these energies is clearing, balancing, and encouraging harmony within our physical bodies, and from that we can start to move into doing the same on less “dense” levels.

So, what to do: 1) wear Platinum or Platinum-plated jewelry that touches the skin for the whole New Moon time. 2) If you have a pure piece of Platinum (like a wedding band with no stones that you have first energetically cleansed) or an earring, etc. you can make a gem water every day. It might be helpful to use a cleaned, energized, Quartz and program it with the intention and place it in the water with the Platinum. REMOVE THE STONE AND/OR PLATINUM BEFORE DRINKING THE WATER. 3) Ask the Deva of Platinum and the Platinum Ray to help convert toxic by-products of metabolism into life-enhancing and/or inert substances, and if they need to be, easily removed from our bodies with ease and grace by the most harmonious method. Whenever working with the Platinum Ray, however, it’s best to be as specific as possible in your intention, enlist your Guidance and Divine IAM Presence to ensure the highest vibration and guidance is utilized in application, and to ask it be removed when complete. The Platinum Ray is serious business and not to be taken lightly.

With that, I send you off to find your best journey in the New Moon time, my Beloveds!

Wishing you Wellness at the Speed of Light with all My Love,

Lisa – GemPowerment Gemagician and Advocate for YOUR Quantum Wellness

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