Platinum to Organize and Utilize Emotions Through 7/8/12

Platinum to organize and utilize emotions

Platinum to organize and utilize emotions

Just as Silver is the most workable and energetically Yin of the workable metals (Silver, Copper, Platinum, Gold), over the next 2 days it’s time to move toward the Yang end of the spectrum to embrace the qualities of Platinum and enlist its assistance. This beautiful, gleaming metal is extremely strong: so much so that it is used to replace bones and other body parts as it is hypo-allergenic. In cars it is used in catalytic converters to render inert or less damaging to the environment the by-products of combustion. It was treasured by the Ancient Egyptians for decorations on sarcophagi due to its durability and resistance to tarnish.

Metaphysically, Platinum assists our DNA hold its integrity in accordance with our Divine Blueprint and all the ancient knowledge contained therein.  Platinum is a refractive metal and therefore a perfect mirror to show us what we need to change to reveal our true selves.  Platinum helps us acknowledge that all is not as it appears and, going forward, we would best be served by challenging everything we “think” we know, see, and feel about our lives.  Ask the Deva of Platinum to help convert toxic by-products of our existence to find wisdom and enlightenment and provide strength to endure in 3D while tapping into our immortal selves.

Remember how we were working with Silver during the Full Moon recently? All the emotions overflowing, feeling our feelings, etc.? Now it’s time to analyze what happened, remembering that we are not our emotions, but that they are the barometer for us to see what situations, beliefs, and actions resonate with our True selves and make us feel happy, content, etc., and what makes us feel NOT that way. As these emotions are the ones that have probably percolated to the surface for clearing over the last week, there is certainly some good material to work with.  Platinum can help us structure our “findings” and ask ourselves how can we transmute these emotions so they are refractive for us, i.e. we do not react. This will assist us in getting to the root cause of these emotions and clearing them or better yet, moving directly into observation mode so we are less likely to be triggered in the future. We then free ourselves up to use our e-motion, as in “energy in motion” for activities, beliefs, and to create situations that bring us Joy.

Submitted in Loving Service,

Lisa the GemPowerment Gemagician ♥

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