Protection And Healing

Faceted Amazonite oblongs, 6mm Faceted Red Aventurine spheres, Dark Green Aventurine block, and 6mm Clear Swarovski Crystal wire- wrapped on Sterling Silver wire bracelet and earring set.

This piece is a high-vibration creation for protection, health, and communication from our Highest Truth!Amazonite has been used as a stone of healing since the days of Ancient Egypt and pre-Columbian era of South America and has been found in many artifacts from those times. This powerful stone acts as a filter on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. On the physical level, it can help block geopathic stress and protect the wearer from electro-magnetic pollution. As a stimulator of the heart and throat chakras, it helps us filter the emotions and speak our truth. Amazonite can help the wearer sift through worries and fears so that the true feelings and thoughts on a subject become clear and then can be communicated with clarity and level-headedness. This can assist one to see both sides of an argument or situation. Spiritually, Amazonite is great to clear all the chakras and is a link to the etheric realms and the Truth of the Universe. This stone vibrates to the number 5.

Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity, not only of money, but of health as well. Green Aventurine absorbs electromagnetic pollution (very good taped to your cell phone), balances male/female energy, promotes compassion & empathy, and stabilizes one’s state of mind. This stone re-enforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. This stone is also excellent for protection of the heart chakra, guarding against “psychic vampires” who feed on heart energy. Green aventurine is good for the thymus, connective tissue, and skin, and is an all-around healer for the heart, lungs, and adrenal glands. It vibrates to the number 3.

Red Aventurine is the stone with the “can do” attitude. It helps re- vitalize the physical body and focus that energy into completing tasks that are in alignment with one’s Highest Good. Red Aventurine helps give consistent energy on both the physical and mental levels, while practicing discernment and prioritization to optimize performance toward a goal. It also helps us laugh at any mistakes we make along the way and move forward with self-forgiveness and enthusiasm. Like its cousin Green Aventurine, it vibrates to the number 3.

Protection And Healing

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