Red Malachite for New Moon Solar Eclipse 11-13-12

Red Malachite for New Moon Solar Eclipse 11-13-12

Red Malachite is your touchstone during this time of questioning everything!

Greetings, my Beloved GemPowerment Family! I hope everybody enjoyed the 11/11 Stargate and felt the currents of cosmic info caress us as they lit up our beautiful little Blue Planet! Now, just as some of us are still integrating that energy, we turn the corner for this New Moon in Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse on 11/13/12.

As most of us know already, the New Moon is a time for beginnings, starting things fresh, seeing something from a new perspective, etc. Marry this with the energies of Scorpio, and we are apt to do some digging about what no longer serves us, where can we let go of control, where in our lives we are employing Force vs. Power and why, and what are our deepest fears that keep us from moving forward.  I know, you are probably thinking just what I’m thinking, which is something along the lines of, “How much bloody deeper do I have to delve into the recesses of my Soul, how much more releasing do I have to do, etc., before this becomes the fun Light party I thought the end of 2012 would be?” The truth is, I cannot answer that question for you. What I can offer is the wisdom of the Crystal Realm that is once more reaching out to assist us.

Red Malachite is actually not Malachite – it is a red banded Jasper that forms similar patterns to Malachite, hence the name. It was named as such by the discoverer who found this stone in Mexico, and has since been found in China and the USA.  As it is a Jasper, it is much harder at a 7 on the Moh’s scale than proper Malachite which is 3.5 – 5.  This Mineral Ally is there to help us remember our real selves in this process, i.e. who we are and why we came to this plane of existence: which is to raise the vibration of the planet and transmute everything that is not Light and Love. I know, simple, right?!! As most of us are finding, this issue is the avocado pit in our collective plumbing. However, when we are questioning everything – and now’s the Time to do so – this is all we need to remember. Add in the Solar Eclipse, which is likely to hand us a twist of some kind, we will need a still-point to anchor to – literally a little piece of Mother Earth.

Besides the Guidance noted above, I would also like to include some little tidbits of info on Red Malachite that are in Melody’s LIITE Encyclopedia about this, as there’s not really much information out there, nor have I ever encountered a physical specimen. I find it interesting that she has called this a “stone of reminding”, i.e., not to fall into the trap of repeating patterns. My interpretation of this in the context of the Eclipse, is that we can really clear some major karma, once we have identified what we would like to release/transmute.  Because this is the apex of the energies of the New Age, the portals are wide open for real clearing. And not just for individuals, but for the planet, for societies, for groups under specific contracts, etc. To quote one of my favorite movies, “And now for something completely different!”  You can program your Red Malachite to create this clearing in all “timelines, dimensions, bodies, minds, realities, and universes” (my usual clearing statement) for this window of opportunity. Melody states (LIITE, pg. 454)  that this stone was used to build the oval dome of Atlantis which was used by initiates for healing, and that the energy of Red Malachite could purify a person with just a touch, and also used by the Aztecs in building the gateways of their temples. And this is exactly what we’ve been up to over the last few months…purifying, en-lightening, and healing, as we walk towards the 12/21/12 portal.

If you do not have a piece of Red Malachite for this purpose, ask the Deva of this stone to program a tumbled clear or milky Quartz with the energies of Red Malachite and/or to keep these energies around you for the next 24ish hours.

Sending each of you my Love and Gratitude for allowing me to share this Guidance in Loving Service to the Mission.

Lisa – GemPowerment Gemagician ♥

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