Rhodizite – Your New Best Crystal Ally!

Rhodizite to increase your Light Quotient

Rhodizite to increase your Light Quotient

Greetings, Beloved GemPeople! I am so happy to be guided to share with you today about the crystal Rhodizite. Many of you may not be familiar with this stone, and I am being told it is a very important Mineral Ally for these times, so in alignment with the Mission of Educating about these gifts from Mother Earth, I hereby submit the following post.

First of all, let’s look at the physical attributes of Rhodizite. It is a complex mineral borate composed of Potassium, Cesium, Aluminium, Beryllium, Boron, and Oxygen ((K,Cs)Al4Be4(B,Be)12O28) and falls into the Cryso-beryl family.  It is about an 8.5 on the Moh’s scale, so rather sturdy, and is usually colorless, white, yellow, or light green, depending on which of the elements are prevalent in a particular specimen . Rhodizite’s crystal system is cubic and the crystals are usually not very big. This stone exhibits both pyro- and piezo-electric properties. It is mainly sourced from the Ural Mountains region of Russia and Madagasgar and is usually found near feldspars and tourmalines.

This crystal activates and clears all chakras and subtle bodies and never needs cleansing. Many of the Rock People out there in the world call the a “Master Crystal.” I have to say that after receiving this information from the GPSC on Rhodizite, I would have to agree. My feeling is that this stone is just beginning to come forward to fulfill its Mission. The words I hear for the Purpose of this Crystal is to, “open the aperture on our Light Quotient.”  I feel this is a different way of holding or directing Light than the way Diamond or various Quartz formations do. Ironically, as I’m writing this, I am aware of a huge X-class solar flare that is earth-directed (see www.spaceweather.com on sunspot AR1520 released 7/12/12 which reaches Earth 7/14/12).  This stone draws Light directly from the Sun and also from the Earth. It augments or amplifies thought fields and the energies of any other stones or metals it is asked to work with, so please use care in managing your thoughts, actions, and placement of this stone for the Highest Good.

One of the most imminent challenges of this time is how to assimilate more Light, i.e become more “en-lightened”, to do so with Ease and Grace, and without being burned up! Most of the Ascension Symptoms as they are called come from this Light, transmitted to us via the Sun from other planets in our solar system as well as other stars, which burns up all those energies which are of the “old” that no longer serves us.  When we have resistance on any level – conscious or not – we can experience this physically.  We are being called to live more in our Light Bodies, and the process is ready to step up to the next level. This last round of increases started with the Eclipses in May and June through the Solstice, and the other solar activity we have experienced this year. I believe it will continue well into 2013 and beyond. So, the need for various ways to modulate these frequencies to offset unpleasant symptoms and ease our experiences as we align with this Light as it suits us for our  individual needs and paths is quite important. Rhodizite is just such a Mineral Ally.

Submitted in Loving Service,

Lisa, the GemPowerment Gemagician ♥

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