Silver Helps Emotions Flow with Ease from 6/28-Full Moon 7/3/12

Silver assists the emotional body to ebb and flow while maintaining electrical-magnetic integrity.
Silver assists the emotional body to ebb and flow while maintaining electrical-magnetic integrity.

Greetings Beloved GemPowerment Family! Guidance is urging me to write to you about our Mineral Ally Silver in this energy.  As many of you already know as I have written on Silver before, this metal is  the most “yin” of the workable, non-toxic metals, and brings out the benefits of any stone without overpowering it or changing it. When we need to re-connect with our yin, our ability to be in the flow and receive, connect with Silver. This metal is strongest during a Full Moon, but can assist in balancing one’s feminine energies in any lunar phase. We can wear it, hold it, or take internally (i.e. in a commercially-available colloidal form).

The message I am receiving to work with Silver from now and over the weekend into the Full Moon on 7/3 is all about really paying focused attention to our emotional bodies. Most people underestimate the power of trapped emotions in subtle bodies and physical tissues as seeds of what later can become dis-ease or dysfunction. Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in Scorpio for the next few days, and much of the cosmic dance of other planets is really focused on relationships and the deepest emotional trauma coming forward to be released. But this isn’t about living the sorrow over or focusing on the trauma or the drama at the ego level. This is about forgiving ourselves and others and moving forward in our power…finally! We can be vulnerable, we can have emotions, we can be feeling beings in the flow of our emotional expression as part of a holistic Divine Self and still be strong and move forward in Joy.  Nothing is ever served by denying any part of ourselves.  Like the flow of water rushing and ebbing, so will our emotions. And what is left over when the rush has past? The essence of who we are – the hardest bedrock of our Purpose and who we are in Truth, and it will be polished and shiny and ready to be shown to the world. We will have many opportunities in the next few days to do this and if you’ve been doing your personal work you might even enjoy it.  Keep your Silver handy and interact with this glimmering Mineral Ally to help fuel the best outcome for you.

For this timeframe, the Deva of Silver says, “Honor your beingness in this time of rising waters (i.e. increased emotion, but the image was of rising water). Allow all the elements of your body to be emersed in the flow of emotion and know that what is forming in the deepness of ‘energy in motion’ will ultimately serve you.  I assist the electromagnetic spectrum of the emotional body to ebb and flow and yet remain strong and flexible so there is no cracking. I suggest you pair me with your favorite crystals and other Gemstone energies as I will gently augment those vibrations and any intentions you set.”

May each of you be blessed with Crystalline Light!

In Loving Service,

Lisa, GemPowerment Gemagician ♥

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