Tektite for 8/25/12

Modulates Light Information for Humanity

Modulates Light Information for Humanity

Greetings, GemPeople! Some may look at these little lumps and not think much of them. Indeed, chemically, they are really a molten silica glass with various impurities. However, consider that they have been traveling through the cosmos – through our solar system – and landed here on our small blue planet to bring us their gifts and share their very special energies. Cosmologically speaking, this is like finding a needle in a haystack (ok..if the haystack exerted a gravitational field). ūüėÄ

Tektites are here to inject us with Light and knowledge of whatever is blocking us on any level – Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual (PEMS). They are quite perky – even forward – in their energy of insisting we move into a more harmonic orbit, i.e. our path through Life, when it comes to our health, our relationships, etc. This is a Stone Being of expansiveness and therefore of spiritual growth, which can open up the “claires” and extra-sensory¬†capabilities¬†as appropriate to the individual. Tektites are known to cleanse and tune up Chakras and to protect against shadow energies. And, being of extraterrestrial origin, are thought to open up one’s ability to communicate with those not of this planet.

When checking in with Guidance on why Tektites can be of assistance in this time, I am being shown they are especially helpful as modulators to assist with all the waves of Light Information that have come cresting through our solar system recently. Many of us have had some challenges with integrating this information and have experienced uncomfortable symptoms in this process. Tektite can be an ally for assisting us in stepping down these frequencies and “translating” them for us to ease and enhance this assimilation. We are also being asked to expand our awareness to extraterrestrial energies on a collective level as we are taking our first real steps off world onto Mars and beyond and therefore putting our consciousness firmly beyond Earth. Although there are decades of space exploration behind us, it seems to be now this convergence of all that, and this point in our evolution, that we have reached some sort of¬†critical¬†mass in this direction. ¬†Perhaps Tektite will provide the vibrational resonance to help us best create this experience with integrity, intelligence, and Love as Humanity moves back out into the Galaxy.

Lovingly submitted,

Lisa – GemPowerment Gemagician ‚ô•

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