The Elder Council of Light on the Autumn Equinox 2011

Elder Council of Light on the Autumn Equinox 2011
Elder Council of Light on the Autumn Equinox 2011

This is the first time the Elder Council of Light has come to me and I asked all my Guides to confirm this was truly a message of High Vibration from the Light. There is much going on in this auspicious time astrologically, astronomically, energetically, on many levels, i.e.:
1. Autumn Equinox on 9-23-11
2. Sun moving from Virgo into Libra
3. Comet Elenin passing between the Earth and the Sun 9-21 & 9-22
4. 9-23-11 is the beginning of the 6th and final Night of the 9th and final Wave of the Mayan Calendar (through to 10-10 when we go into Day 7 through 10-28 and the end of “the count.”
5. 9/23-26 we experience the Cosmic Convergence and the Shift to our Heart of ONE Unity Consciousness
6. 9/26,27,28 we see the alignment of the Sun, Elenin and the Earth which also involves Mercury (Elenin passes between the Earth and the Sun for 3 days creating the possibility of an electromagnetic event involving all three objects: the Sun, Comet Elenin and the Earth)
7. New Moon on 9-27
8. Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) begins sundown on 9-28

Given all these goings on…it may set the stage for better understanding this channeling in which the Elder Council of Light is asking us to be extra-conscious of our thoughts and belief systems as these create our reality!

Here is the message they brought to me…

“Greetings from us, the Elder Council of Light. We bring to you a message of the utmost importance for you and your planet at the time of the Fall Equinox 2011. We would like to communicate the urgency to connect more fully with the emerging force of Light that is coming forward to assist you in this last stage of preparation of what you are calling, “The Shift.” We would like to encourage you to embrace your inner knowledge and create from a place of Purity and Love. In this last time, energies are very condensed and the littlest thought can become manifest very quickly. We are encouraging you to practice careful thought generation and application from the smallest to largest idea. Ask, and we, and other Beings of Light, will assist you in doing this.

Many eons ago, Humanity entered into a collective soul contract to separate from its Divine Nature to experience the lower vibrating dimensions as an experiment in the illusion of polarity. Now that time is nearly complete and the Age of Unity and Love is upon Humanity once again. There is still much to refine in these last few (days/weeks/months – I could not get an exact time frame) before a New Energy is sent to en-Lighten the Earth once more. When this Light hits, all that is not compatible will be released. To help this from being too challenging, it is imperative to do this work now.

So, how does one practice conscious thought creation? It is a practice that must be done every hour, every day until a habit is formed. And then, with the energy of Unity, there will be a quantum shift – individually & collectively – and it will become easier and easier to maintain thoughts at this level.

Many of us who have been working with and watching over Humanity are very pleased and encouraged by the huge leaps in consciousness that, even a few years ago, there was a feeling that it might not have been able to be achieved. Now, we see an exponential awakening and enlightening that is unprecedented in the Galaxy. We hold you in the Highest Regard for the Great Work that you have been doing. Once this quantum shift has occurred, the forward momentum will be unstoppable, and Humanity will once again be able to experience an existence of Unity with each other and with the Divine. We are waiting to welcome you All Home.

With the Greatest Love,
The Elder Council of Light”

Submitted in Loving Service,


2 thoughts on “The Elder Council of Light on the Autumn Equinox 2011”

  1. I amso thankful that you shared this message and it gives me great hope for all our lives that we will soon be “reconnected” ! Much Mahalo & Aloha to you miss Lisa!! <3

  2. Thanks so much Miss Eve! I got confirmation from a reliable source that this is the “real thing.” In addition I’ve been seeing 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 88, and combinations of 4’s and 1’s (which means to keep thoughts positive) all over the place the last few days as well! Thanks for the comment, darlin’! ♥

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