The Importance of Energetic Self-Care: Free/Low-Cost Resources

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As you know from all my posts and Facebook, the central theme of my work with GemPowerment is EMPOWERMENT! Part of the mission has been educating about how the Mineral Kingdom and the Crystal Realm can assist us to consciously-create our lives and our health, but underneath it all is really about teaching tools to empower each person to accomplish this his/herself! I have done this with Personal Gemstone (GemFreq) Readings, and sharing my Amethyst Biomat, as well as practicing and instructing people in the use of vibrational healing modalities. As a Quantum Wellness Advocate, I would like to present these tools which are available on-line and out in the world for free or very low cost, so that you can start to empower yourself today to create your optimal wellness and manifest your Heart’s Desires! This is by no means a comprehensive list, but some of the resources I have personally used or researched.

References for Tapping

  1. Thought Field Therapy:
  2. Emotional Freedom Technique
    • Gary Craig: – Great article on him in Om Times this month:
    • Nick Ortner: – Look for free Tapping World Summit which happens once a year
    • Robert Smith:
    If you want instructional videos, just Google these folks for oodles of instructional material! There are others out there doing their own version of tapping, some of them with different names, but the above will give you a solid start.

See which of these resonates with you. Many of these websites will give you materials and videos for free and you can always sign up for their newsletters if you feel it’s for you.

References for Energy Medicine/Vibrational Healing

  1. Donna Eden:
  2. Jo Dunning:
  3. Patti Conklin:
  4. Jean Haner:
  5. Matrix Energetics:
  6. Meg Benedicte:
  7. Brain Gym:

Again, many of these practitioners offer free or low-cost materials, videos, or readings every so often. For example, you can participate the last Tuesday of the month in a free, live process with Jo Dunning. Jean Haner offers live, free readings online the first Tuesday of the month. There are also many of these folks being interviewed on Hay House Radio, Blog Talk radio, etc.

I hope this helps you get going in the exciting world of energetic self-care and Quantum Wellness! Click here to go back to the article.

Wishing You Wellness At The Speed of Light!


Lisa M. Mintz Kavas

Quantum Wellness Advocate and GeMaven

© GemPowerment 2015. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided including complete author and copyright information.

Thank you and much Crystal Light and Healing for All!

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  1. […] What energy modalities do is “unhook” the current trauma or stress that one is experiencing, that our high, logical brain knows we can deal with, from past trauma/stress triggers. One of the easiest and quickest tools I have found to do this is “tapping.” Also called Emotional Freedom Technique, it utilizes rubbing or tapping on various acupuncture points while stating the problem or cause of the stress.  Click here to see a list of references. […]

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