Time for Tin with Sun in Taurus: 4-19 thru 5-21-13

Tin for Sun in Taurus 2013

Honor your physical Be-ingness and balance strength and flexibility with Tin!


Cassiterite is Tin Oxide

Tin Oxide = Cassiterite

Greetings Beloved GemPowerment Family! Wow, what a ride we have had this last month with all the Aries influences and Pluto going retrograde! It was a time of fiery inspiration and of some rapid and drastic movement in the world. While the ride is definitely NOT over with this series of three eclipses coming up, with the Sun moving into Taurus now it’s time for us to focus on more of the physical/earthly aspects of all these changes.

Guidance has come forward with the metal Tin (Sn) as the Mineral Ally to guide us during this time. I was quite surprised at first as Tin is well..so basic. But that’s really the point! It is a non-toxic, base metal, and one of the seven alchemical metals. Tin has been with Humanity since the beginning of metalworking as it is easy to melt, is extremely malleable  and over the years it has found its way into just about every major alloy we have used throughout the ages; from Bronze, to Pewter, to solder. It has been and continues today to be used to coat other metals to reduce wear and oxidation and lighten an alloy. It is used as the essential “secret ingredient” in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications to balance strength and flexibility of the metal properties in the alloy. Without Tin, Humanity would not be where it is today!

This got me thinking about the message of why Tin would be so helpful in this time. In all the rush to go, move, do, and change, this last month, most of us have lost our sense of balance. Most of us are stressed…like brittle metal…and we’ve been heated and hammered just a bit too much! Perhaps we have gotten off track and/or lost sight of what daily living practices make us strong and flexible on all levels and bring some lightness to the situation? With the Sun in Taurus it’s time to explore and embrace those issues once again! While there is a more physical/bodily aspect here, we are in an integration time, so keeping some attention on the mental and emotional aspects of this is important, too.  I’m also being guided to say, with the Sun in Taurus, it’s time to ask ourselves where we can “lighten up” – what bad habits of eating, sleeping, belief systems, any types of addictions that don’t serve our JOY are we still holding on to?

The Deva of Tin says, “You are so much a Being of the Earth, made up of all the elements, as well as the Cosmos. While it is easy to be influenced by the powerful Cosmic energies coming to the planet at this time, you must remember to honor the part of you that is made of Earth, the temple of your body, which makes this experience possible. Remember to enjoy this aspect as much as any other, while the planet and Humanity is Ascending.” From a crystal healing perspective, you can work with Tin as jewelry, a piece to be held during meditation, or find a specimen of Cassiterite ( SnO2) for this entire month.

With Love,

Lisa the GemPowerment Gemagician ♥

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