Tsavorite Garnet for Full Moon 7-1-15

Find alignment with what's really in your heart with Tsavorite.
Find alignment with what’s really in your heart with Tsavorite.

Greetings My Beloved and Sparkly GemPeople and Abundant Full Moon Blessings to you! It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper post on the website vs. just on Facebook, and both time and energy have permitted this, so hooray! This Full Moon is a bit of a doozy with the Sun in nurturing, home-centric Cancer opposite the Moon in hard-working Capricorn. We will have an intensification of the need to balance our work with what nurtures us. The universe is supporting with so many other astrological aspects, including Venus and Jupiter in Leo: read feminine and masculine walking the sky together for the next few months, and for a few days actually appear to meet and form a “Star of Bethlehem” formation where they look like one star. Since they are in Leo, this bring up the subject of love and what that means for our close relationships (including the one with ourselves!!). Adding to the intense dynamic, the Sun is conjunct Mars and the Moon is conjunct Pluto. So we will have a lot of drive to express ourselves and some deep-seated emotions can be activated.  There is the potential for power struggles both internally and with others in our lives, and definitions of what love means to us. How do we love others and how do we love ourselves? When we work are we being nurtured, and if not, is there a way we can change things to fill our own cup while we are being of service? What is our love language and how do we get our needs met while doing what we need to do? Like I said…it’s a doozy! This is a study in abundance and possibilities, however…so look on this as opportunity to explore what is possible!

Guidance advises that our Gemstone Ally for this energetic portal of the Full Moon is gorgeious Tsavorite. Tsavorite (Ca3Al2Si3O12 ) is a green variety of the Garnet family, colored so due to inclusions of Chromium and sometimes Vanadium. It’s a rarer form of Garnet, and generally forms only small crystals vs. some of its related stones. Tsavorite is almost always natural since the color generally needs no enhancement. Tsavorite is a Heart Chakra stone, but is also activating to the thymus gland for improved immunity. Tsavorite is also thought as being helpful with strengthening bones and teeth, which is good when you need your spine to support you in all these new endeavors. The key to making the most of this time is to get into alignment with the truest desires of our hearts and to feel empowered to manifest that in the world without crippling doubts and with excellent personal and energetic boundaries so our precious life force is not diluted or diverted by the needs of others. To do this in partnership and with compassion can be even more challenging, but we have an unlimited pool of energy and Light when we are connected to Source.

If you have Tsavorite, charge it during the Full Moon (1 day before to 1 day after) and wear or keep it near you as much as you can in the next two week until the New Moon. If you do not have this particular stone, you can ask the Diva of Tsavorite to surround you with this vibration, and/or you can ask a cleansed and prepared Quartz to hold the vibration for you and keep it near/on your person for this time period.

Thank you and much Crystal Light and Healing for All!


Lisa M. Mintz Kavas

Quantum Wellness Advocate and GeMaven

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