Quantum Healing involves both the practical and the metaphysical.

My calling is to help people with their soul-level issues by offering pathways to personal empowerment. Ultimately, we can help raise the consciousness of the planet.

For each of us, Quantum Healing methods can help to remove blockages that we may have. These prevent us from attaining happiness, health, and longevity.

By engaging the energy and power of vibrational healing modalities, I can help a person to identify and dissolve issues that may be interfering with creation of desired outcomes, increase well-being by reducing stress, and allow the body’s natural healing mechanisms to work at an optimal level.

In a Personal Gemstone Reading, I work with your intention to identify specific gemstones keep you in resonance with your specific goals. I offer a full reading or a shorter Priority Reading. 

I offer various classes on muscle-testing and energy medicine techniques which are designed to empower you to accurately determine your best pathway to health and soul-fulfillment, and to keep yourself humming along at optimal energy. Read more on my classes and upcoming events here.

To support further healing and well-being, I offer therapeutic gemstone products such as the Amethyst Biomat and Gem-infused Water Bottles help you keep your vibration high to combat stress and physical aging.