Part of the Mission of GemPowerment is to educate about gemstone therapy crystals as healing allies for the benefit of humanity and our beautiful planet. Another part is about EMPOWERing humanity with this knowledge so they can consciously co-create their lives with the vibrational assistance offered by Mother Earth through the Mineral Kingdom. 

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When I create a Personal Gemstone Reading, I am a channel for providing, with Guidance from Source, the information needed by the client to locate and then how to most optimally interact with the priority gemstone/crystal/metal energies that will help in the manifestation of the stated intention.
Searching for the stones is part of that empowerment process, thus the G-empowerment of the individual, for the upliftment and Highest Good of All.  Which are the perfect gemstone/crystal allies to assist you in manifesting your desires and intentions for the Highest Good at this moment in your life? Find out by gifting yourself with a Personal Gemstone Reading today! 

I look forward to doing a Reading for you and/or your friends and loved ones!