Why Did I Create GemPowerment?

In my many years in the Fortune 500 corporate world as a
Project Manager, combined with my education and experiences
as a Holistic Health Practitioner working with energy and
vibration, I have realized that the most important element of
empowerment and healing for women and men today is re-connection with the Sacred Feminine. This is crucial to initiate a much-needed balancing of masculine and feminine energies in our societies, institutions, in our corporations, and for our planet, which have been inequitably sourced by masculine-centered philosophies, energies, and actions for at least the last two millennia.

What better way to begin this process than for women and men to personally connect with the vibrational healing and protecting energies offered by Mother Earth herself…through crystals and gems! I have been studying the physical
and metaphysical properties of stones, crystals, and gems for more than 20 years, and have seen how utilizing them
in my Holistic Health practice, placing them in my home and office and, of course, wearing them as jewelry, has
empowered me and brought me joy on all levels. I feel it is my Mission to share this with others.

While I believe everyone can benefit from working with Vibrational Gemstone Therapy, however, I feel that those who can benefit from it the most are those who work in or are involved with the Corporate environment. This is especially true for women who work in the Corporate world, because it is these women who, in order to be successful, are most required to “buy into” the masculine-centric paradigm. As I know from my own experiences, these values can become so ingrained, that slowly we lose our connection to our Femininity and this affects our connection with our spouses and partners, family, friends, and especially ourselves: and ultimately we give up our Sacred Power as women. And it is these women who have the most power to be agents of change within their organizations and communities.

Why is GemPowerment’s Jewelry Different?

I have created pieces that are unique in the world of what working women are currently wearing in today’s varied business environment. Each one of the pieces incorporates metaphysical properties of the stones in specific combinations,with aspects of the ancient sciences of numerology and sacred geometry, into a style that is professional yet exudes the Power of the Goddess. Each piece of jewelry or Therapeutic Gemstone Appliance is consciously-created using high quality gems, stones, crystals,beads, and precious metals, hand-picked for their beauty and function.

And, as part of GemPowerment’s business model, I believe in keeping prices reasonable since a central part of the Mission is to unite the gemstones with the wearers/users that will bring the optimum healing for the Highest Good of All. This is in celebration and of the true nature of our Mother Earth: there is abundance, beauty, and healing available for EVERYONE – not only those that can afford highly over-priced gemstones or jewelry in fancy stores. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from sales are donated to organizations dedicated to protecting our Mother Earth, so we can honor her for the gifts she provides to us.


Does GemPowerment Make Jewelry for Men?

Of course! What would Yin be without the Yang? The ultimate goal of the greater Mission is to assist in bringing the two principles of Yin and Yang into dynamic balance for every human being. By supporting GemPowerment you are ensuring that it will thrive, “Healing, Protecting, & Empowering with Gifts from Mother Earth” for all people, including the wonderful men in our lives.

If jewelry is not your thing, we can also create gemstone elixirs, stone pouches, key chains, cell phone charms, and/or purse/planner charms, among other things, to fill your needs. Customize each with a Personal Gemstone Reading!

What if I have more questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding the properties of gemstones, vibrational medicine, or any of the pieces in GemPowerment’s catalog. Please contact usif you have any questions:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-590-7981

All sales are final. If any item breaks through normal wear within 3 days of receipt, we will be happy to replace the item at no charge not including shipping and handling.The information on this website is for entertainment and educational purposes only.
Wearing of GemPowerment’s Therapeutic Gemstone Appliances is not intended to diagnose or serve as a replacement for licensed medical care