Here’s some of the things our Beloved GemPowerment clients and Fans have to say about us! If you’d like to add a testimonial, please send us an e-mail! Click Here and tell us how GemPowerment has helped you!

“Lisa Mintz Kavas is the most knowledgeable person that I’ve ever encountered with regard to the properties and uses of crystals and gemstones. As GemPowerment, she shares much of her knowledge freely on Facebook because her work is also her life’s calling and soul purpose. Additionally, she offers customized information specific to an individual or circumstance for a fee. The Personal Gemstone Reading I purchased from her was insightful, unique, and beneficial. Her services are provided on a timely basis with integrity and expertise. She is a beautiful spirit and does beautiful work.”

Mabel D

Personal Gemstone Reading

“Everyone enjoyed the workshop and definitely learned something they could use to empower themselves. You presented clearly and answered every question. You have a lovely energy, and everyone felt comfortable with you! I would recommend this class to others! The self muscle testing skills are an amazing asset for everyone to have in their lives.”

Alex T

“I wear my wonderful necklace every day and it has helped me to make a stand and given me the energy I need!”

Emmy M


“The information was very useful! I want to use (the techniques) more in my practice.”

Lori M

“Dearest Lisa, I write today to thank you for the personal Gemstone Reading that you performed for me on July 25, 2010. First, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail. Not only were you able to perform the reading, as I had requested, by the new moon, but you presented the report, in a stunningly personal detail, the very next day! On a more personal note: At first, I had sought assistance through GemPowerment for what I would coin a surface scratching issue. I was quite surprised, and rather impressed, that the results of my reading were deeply personal however – well beyond the initial scope of work. Therein is the beauty of asking another to step in and do a reading for you. It does not matter how “in touch” any one is, for we all still have an ego. An ego is, in reality, a self-serving mirror. In matters of great importance, you will always reap greater results by considering all aspects of that particular problem. In other words – it doesn’t do to only accept certain truths and ignore others. By reading for yourself, you can never be too careful that you remain unattached, and that you aren’t just seeing/hearing what you want to see/hear. Lisa took this simple surface issue and blew it up 200% to examine the REAL source of the problem…and surprise! It was an issue that I was vaguely aware of, but was quite happy to continue ignoring. Ignorance is such bliss, after all! If however, you are true in your mission and your heart is ready to accept ALL of the truth – not just what you want the truth to be – I fully and whole heartedly recommend Lisa and GemPowerment. I personally am still fulfilling my GemScription and am honored to have the continued care and guidance of Lisa as I struggle with certain aspects of coming into alignment with my Higher Self. Those pesky egos!”

AI Margolis

Gemstone Reading

“Lisa is an amazing person. She loves helping people and guiding them in the direction that they should go. She is extremely knowledgeable about gemstones and how they connect and center you to the earth and its healing powers. She is extremely professional and will only go as far as you want her to go. Her practice is very insightful and will help you grow and listen to what your body is telling you that you need. I highly recommend Lisa, as a person, friend and Gemagician.”

Jackie G

Overall Recommendation

“I just wanted to send a follow up message to thank you! The gemstones you suggested and that I have added to my life have made such a difference. Mentioning that they all needed to be cleared and energized really helped too – I noticed a difference afterwards. I just used the ruby necklace in a quick session on my husband and the difference in the amount of energy moving was tremendous – I also felt a sense of fun/joy coming from the necklace – it made me smile. Thank you so much. You have a wonderful gift and I’m glad I found you :)”

Christy S

“Lisa is an excellent resource for gem knowledge and love of crystals and their healing properties. She is a pleasure to work with. Lisa is a happy, kind, intuitive expert. Many people resist Gem experts for fear of snobbery. Do not fear! She has a scientific background, encyclopediac memory of knowledge for crystals, and a spiritual interest that serves her clients well. Lisa ignited my passion for Gemstone healing and I now have a intelligent & well-chosen collection due to her guidance. I appreciate her personally and professionally.”

Dr. Lilly B

“The class was very useful, and you have an excellent teaching style!”

Nanci D