Grand Planetary Stone Council for New Moon in Cancer 7/19/12

Mineral Kingdom holds the codes for the constructs of the Universe.
Mineral Kingdom holds the codes for the constructs of the Universe.

Greetings, Beloved GemPowerment Family! It’s been a while since the Grand Planetary Stone Council has stepped forward with a general message! If you are new to this blog, the GPSC is the Council of Light that oversees the seeding, growth, and distribution of the Mineral Kingdom on this (and other) planetary bodies. Please refer to earlier postings for more information.  I find it particularly interesting the timing of this message is of the New Moon emerging in it’s own Sun Sign of Cancer! We are being given an chance to see how deep can we go into ourselves, into each other, into our planet, to gain what we need to create something truly new and of the Light. Here is the message:

“Children of the Earth, many of you speak of accessing “arcane” knowledge in this time to assist you on your individual and collective journey(s) toward co-creating the “New Earth.”  Many of you on this path are already quite aware that this knowledge is all around you in Nature and the knowledge is not “arcane” meaning ancient as much as time-less. This message is to acknowledge and advise that the purview of the Mineral Kingdom is to hold the codes to the constructs of the Universe. These constructs are applicable on all levels (micro-to-macro – my wording since I could only get a feeling). The Mineral Kingdom holds this knowledge like a primer to understanding physics and your science and math, which are basically a lexicon in the lower densities of description and comprehension of the perfection of which you call “sacred” geometrical forms and their various rates of frequency.  The more you (humanity) can understand the relationships and dynamics of the crystalline structures, the more you will learn about yourselves and how you can co-create your New Earth in harmony with these frequencies.”

Submitted in Loving Service,

Lisa the GemPowerment Gemagician ♥

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