Selenite Is Your Ally for First Full Moon of 2014 in Cancer 1/15/14 Thru New Moon 1/31/14

Transmute emotional blocks with Selenite by connecting with your Divine I AM presence.
Transmute emotional blocks with Selenite by connecting with your Divine I AM presence.

Greetings Beautiful and Sparkly GemPeople! I am happy to now be able to wish you a Joyful New Year as I was traveling on 1/1/14 and was not able to do a post. I am sending Light and wishes for blissful abundance and fulfillment of all your Heart’s Desires in 2014!

This first Full Moon of the new year is a powerful opportunity for transformation on an emotional level, which of course leads to transformation on all levels! If you have ever done or received any healing work you know that our emotional bodies and any stuck “e-motion, i.e. energy in motion” can lodge rather uncomfortably in our physical and mental bodies, and can manifest as blocks or obstacles to our creating what we desire in our lives. With the Moon in Cancer, sign of the Mother, we are encouraged to nurture ourselves and provide a safe space to vent old, stuck e-motions. This is not just to let them out in the moment, but to truly be with them and feel them as they flow through us, connecting with our Heart energy. Emotions are like water that moves past us, but they do not define us. When the wave passes, like moonlight on a flowing stream, we will now have room for something new. Fill your cup with gratitude and joy and drink deeply!

One of the challenges many face in really being able to optimize the above process is that it’s easy to get stuck in the drama and emotion, which ends up reinforcing the dynamic vs. healing it. Our polarized, 3D, ego-based brains tell us that what we are feeling is the Truth and, as anybody who is deep in an emotional state such as depression, anger, etc. will tell you, that is all that exists. At that moment, we are the center of the Universe, which is conveniently revolving around us and all the parts of the story of why we are feeling that way. Admit it…you’ve been there, haven’t you? I have and it’s not pretty. So how can we stay connected with our Divine I AM Presence, i.e. or the part of ourselves which is connected to the Divine and the Truth of our existence that we ARE Divine and ONE, while all this is going on? In this case, Guidance is recommending working with Selenite from this Full Moon through the New Moon (and Chinese New Year) at the end of January.

Most GemPeople are familiar with Selenite and I’m guessing at least 80% of you amazing beauties have some Selenite in your collection at home in various forms: tumbled stones, wands, towers, slabs for reading small words, or even carved into a candle holders?  The name of this stone comes from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, because of the soft white color and healing properties.  It does come in other colors such as gold, green, and brown, but it is the clear to milky variety that we will be working with for these purposes. Selenite is a polymorph (same chemical composition, different presentation) of gypsum and satin spar.   This very soft stone is so because of its high water content – CaSO4·2H2O – as you can see each molecule contains within it two molecules of water!  This is the mineral of the world-famous gigantic crystal caves in Naica, Mexico. Selenite grows very quickly in these underwater caves filled with minerals compared with the rate of growth of most other crystals. Many believe that the purpose of huge Selenite crystal formations like this and in other locations around the planet assist in holding the crystalline grid in place and make up the “nervous system and spine” of Gaia. How apropos it is with the Moon in Cancer – from our Mother Earth to hold us, nurture us, and help us heal!

Huge Selenite crystals in the Naica Caves in Mexico

Selenite is often known as the Light-Bringer, due to its linear crystal structure it behaves like a natural fiber optic material, i.e. if light is shone through the material it is transmitted down the full length of the crystal. This is a physical manifestation of its metaphysical properties, which are conducting Light and Energy.  Selenite is your key to opening and accessing the higher body and etheric chakras (8th – 14th) and can, gently and quickly, cleanse your auric field of imbalances and negativity. Place a Selenite piece anywhere in your immediate environment to keep the area energetically fresh and place other stones on it for an energy shower of white light.

Guidance is suggesting that you work with Selenite as much as possible during the Full Moon time and then use it to reinforce this energy over the next two weeks. You can sit in meditation with any piece of it and connect with situations and/or emotions that you have difficulty transmuting. If you have a Selenite candle holder, light a candle and ponder the flame while you are doing your processing. Wear Selenite jewelry or put a light box under a Selenite tower. Guidance says work it Selenite in whatever ways you wish; the more the better!

Once you have determined which pieces and how you’d like to process, time for quiet and introspection. This could be observing some place you tend to get stuck over time, like being judgmental, worrying excessively, inability to release, etc. Or, you might want to explore emotions that are coming up in a dynamic with others. Ask yourself what is really at the core of it, i.e. what is providing the separation from Source? With Venus in retrograde relationships with loved ones are highlighted, and of course all external relationships are a mirror for us to see what’s really going on inside of us. Connect with your Divine I AM presence and release it back to the Universe. You might imagine the Selenite is amping up your Light Body and shaking loose any density or dark places where there is stuck-ness.  If you’re processing along with your spouse/partner or close friends or family, make sure all parties involved are equipped on all levels and each person has his/her own Selenite to work with!

I would say Selenite requires very little energetic cleaning, but because we will be using it over a few weeks I recommend you do a little clearing and charging of your Selenite. Because it is a soft, high-water-content stone you will not want to soak it or use salt. This also means it is programmable as the water will hold thought-forms. It is best to clean Selenite with sage smoke or place in sunlight for a while if needed.  If it needs physical cleaning, use a soft micro-fiber cloth that will pick up dust, or you can run it under cool water for just a few seconds if it’s really dirty. Gently dry it with a soft cloth. If you can, leave it outside or near a window tonight or tomorrow night to charge in the Full Moon. After the two week period is complete, you may want to clear it again and then place in your home in any location you feel has a dense energy.  As we are working with Selenite, let us not forget to thank the Deva and Mother Earth for this precious gemstone gift of Light in mineral form!

Lovingly Submitted,

Lisa Mintz Kavas

Quantum Wellness Advocate and GemPowerment Gemagician

© GemPowerment 2013. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided, including complete author and copyright information. Thank you and much Crystal Light and Healing for All!

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