An Introduction on Healing with Stones – Featured in Bellissima Magazine

An Introduction on Healing with Stones
As Featured In Bellissima Magazine!

Written By Lisa Mintz Kavas
M.I.B.A., H.H.P., H.K., C.S.M., Reiki Master, AC Bars Practitioner and
GemPowerment Gemagician
Are you looking for a natural way to find healing? It may be right under your feet!As far back as human civilization can be measured, people have revered stones for their healing potential. The ancient Egyptians used certain stones to honor royalty, to wear as jewelry and crushed them into powder and applied them as adornment for their faces and bodies. Biblical teachings refer to the breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest imbued with twelve different stones which was thought to give him a supernatural connection with the Divine. Pre-Columbian artifacts most likely used in important religious ceremonies were made of gold and studded with many precious stones. New Age lore speaks of the mythical civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria using quartz crystals like we use computers today. And of course, any woman can attest to the hypnotic effects of diamonds, better known as a Girl’s Best Friend.Fast-forward a few thousand years and we see the trend of re-connecting with the power of Mother Earth and nature to help us regain our balance and health after too long a time focusing on medical science as the only potent form of healing. As we look around at our lives, our communities, our societies, and our planet, a need for a re-calibrated sense of harmony is clear.One of the best ways to do this is by surrounding ourselves with the powerful energy medicine of stones. Stone healing can be applied in a variety of ways. The easiest method is through Color Therapy, also called Chromotherapy. Using resonant frequencies of light waves, our bodies can be “tuned” for optimal wellness by exposing our chakras and meridians to the specific color needed. When color is viewed, the specific waves of color are received by the rods and cones of the eyes and are absorbed directly into the brain. As an example of how deeply ingrained is the relationship between color and human behavior is when very sparkly stones such as diamonds are viewed, it elevates our mood. This is because the sparkle reminds our ancient brains of water glinting in the sunlight. As water is crucial for survival, the flashing activates this mechanism and we feel happier and more at ease.Different colors provide a variety of effects. When viewed, pink stones such as Rose Quartz or Pink Kunzite, can have a calming effect on the emotions. The color green found in Green Aventurine or Emerald is soothing to an overactive mind and revitalizing for a tired body. The color purple, like that of Amethyst or Purple Fluorite, helps with a depressed mood and can assist in avoiding addictive behaviors. Yellow is wonderful for mental inspiration when working on a project were writing is involved and can assist in reducing nervousness or physical conditions where the nerves are over-stimulated. Citrine and Honey Calcite are the most available stones to introduce yellow into one’s environment. Keep these stones at your desk, on your nightstand, on your coffee table, or in your pocket any time you feel the need for the healing effects of a certain color.Another way to heal with stones is through application of crystals onto the skin. In this form of vibrational medicine, the inherent frequencies of the specific elements and crystalline matrix of the stone are having a direct effect on the physical and energetic bodies. This is most commonly done by wearing jewelry, or the stones can be held in the hands. Lepidolite, for example, has a high Lithium content and is excellent for reducing stress when applied in this manner. Some other stones are natural protectors against electro-magnetic pollution such as from cell phones and computers. Smokey Quartz, which carries a natural radiation, cancels out electro-magnetic frequency waves so they are not absorbed by the human body. Some holistic health practitioners who are skilled with stones can do a crystal layout. This consists of the client lying down on a table while certain stones are applied on and around the body for the desired effect. This is a subtle art which can have very powerful results if done correctly. Gaining in popularity in recent years is the method of utilizing the healing power of stones through gem elixirs. These are prepared by soaking clean gemstones in pure water over a period of time and then taking them internally or applying them topically. These elixirs can be given extra potency by leaving them covered near an open window during certain phases of the moon. Exercise caution however; some stones and minerals should never be taken internally such as Galena, which contains lead and is therefore toxic when ingested.

For maximum effect and safest application using any of these modalities, consult a knowledgeable practitioner. Healing with stones can be a powerful tool, but should never replace qualified medical care, nor are these methodologies intended to diagnose specific conditions.

San Diego is a wonderful place to connect with the healing power of stones first-hand. In addition to many practitioners who can skillfully apply the above-mentioned therapies, there are many local stores with knowledgeable staff that can help you choose a crystal that is right for you. In North County Inland area are Heaven On Earth Gifts and Books and The Indian Store in Escondido. In the North County Coastal area, try Soulscape Books and Gifts in Encinitas. In San Diego Central you’ll find a wonderful store, Tree of Life Metaphysical Books and Gifts in Ocean Beach. San Diego also hosts the traveling Gem Faire ( several times a year at the Del Mar Fair Ground and the Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley. The next events are coming up in Del Mar on March 7-9, 2008, and at the Scottish Rite Center April 18-20, 2008. At these venues you will have to do more searching and shopping on your own, but there is a much larger selection and wholesale prices. Especially when practiced in conjunction with other modalities that re-connect us with Mother Earth, we can regain balance within ourselves. Once we learn to connect with the vibrational healing and protecting energies offered by Mother Earth herself, we can act as agents of change which can have a positive ripple effect into our organizations, communities, and ultimately our beautiful planet.

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