Grand Planetary Stone Council on Humanity and the Mineral Kingdom in the New Era

GPSC - Humanity and the Mineral Kingdom in the New Era
It’s Time for Humanity to Co-create with the Mineral Kingdom

Greetings my dearest GemPeople! It’s been a while since I have gotten a channeled message from the GPSC. With only two Energy Gates (11:11 and 12:12) and two eclipses (Solar Eclipse at the New Moon on November 13 and the Full Moon Eclipse on November 28) left before we come fully into the Photon Band of the Great Central Sun and complete this Era on 12/21/12, there is much shifting yet to be done, and a whole range of potentialities to choose from. This is the last of the tumult and “cleansing” before we will be in the New Era of Interconnectedness of the Cosmos, which is whatever we create it to be. I was so touched by this message from the GPSC and I hope you enjoy it!

“Beloved Children of Earth –

You have come to the Time that has been Humanity’s dream for many thousands of years. Many of the Gifts you possessed in previous epochs are once again coming to the fore. Now is the beginning of the New Era; where you will once again stand together in Oneness and celebrate yourselves as Citizens of the Galaxy.

Crystals and gemstones have been our Gift to you over the eons, to assist you in this process.  We are now at a juncture where we will begin leaving the (responsibility) of the co-creative process to you as part of the New Era.  These will be baby steps at first, of course, as you are only just beginning to re-awaken.  The knowledge of how to co-create with Mother Earth and the Devas of the Mineral Kingdom is just beginning to seep through your consciousness – like little seedlings of liquid Light.

Your first step will be to comprehend that the Mineral Kingdom is alive:  not like you are, but exists in several dimensions at once.  All stones carry consciousness of the Earth over epochs of Time, and knowledge from this and other planets (of their origin).  It is your birthright to re-connect with these energies at the culmination of the Cycle and the beginning of the next.

We are still with you in this process, as we have also promised to assist the Mineral Kingdom with its Mission to help Humanity.  This is a message of great Love and Highest Regard for who you (Humanity) are now and all the you have learned – and how you have co-created thus far. Now is the Time for Humanity to take back its song – and create a new one of Joy that will echo out through the Universe. NOW is the Time….”

Submitted in Loving Service,

Lisa – GemPowerment Gemagician and GemYenta ♥


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