Are You A Gemstone Healer?

Today many people have an increased interest in learning more about how to interact with our allies from the Mineral Kingdom to increase their sense of well-being and to assist in co-creating their lives. People are wearing more jewelry with natural stones and learning to make their own, or are carrying stones around in their pockets and/or purses as they go about their day. It would seem that this world-wide phenomenon is helping us to re-connect with our Mother Earth and occurring as a natural part of the energy shift of the New Age.

In response to this trend, many practitioners have added some sort of “gemstone” or “crystal” healing to their repertoire. I began to see many that had only sophomoric interests in which stone they thought was “pretty” and armed only with what they had glanced in passing on the internet begin recommending stones and crystals to others and calling themselves “Gemstone Energy Healers.” I admit, considering my life-long love and study of of rocks in their physical and metaphysical properties I found my idea of what this means and my ego a bit tweaked by this. So I put it to Higher Self and my Guidance in meditation to sift through all the non-essentials and find some Truth. I am being guided to share it with you.

The basic reality is…we are ALL gemstone healers. Every time we interact with a stone, crystal, or rock with the intention of self-healing, we are invoking its properties of frequency. On a physical level we perceive this as the color, light, shape, even sound, of a particular specimen. From a metaphysical perspective we are invoking the Deva of that stone to assist us to entrain our subtle bodies with various inherent vibrations that will shift our energies toward balance, health, empowerment, and Light. This indeed is for what Mother Earth and the Grand Planetary Stone Council have provided all these beautiful allies of the Mineral Kingdom. It is their Mission to help us! So, what’s the difference between somebody who is trained and the lay-person gemstone admirer?

For an individual who is clear with their intuition and feels they can follow it with intention for the Highest Good of All, they know everything they really need to in working with Mineral allies. There are some points of caution of course, like using some toxic stones directly in gem waters such is Galena, which is lead ore. Mostly, the delta I feel lies in an objective person who can derive, through mental processes such as pulling from a database of knowledge to purely intuitive methods, the most accurate stones, crystals, rocks, minerals, and even metals that will assist another person. The best, of course, and I admit a bias here, is to receive a recommendation from a person who is capable of drawing from the full spectrum to bring forth the most accurate and complete information. This would include not only which stone(s), but also the manner in which a person optimally interacts with the gemstone(s) ,etc., for how long, and why it is the correct stone for that purpose. Often the Deva of the stone has a particular message for that person as well to further assist with the goal or intention.

As always, even when consulting a professional in this regard, remember that you are the ultimate authority on what is right for you.

Submitted in Loving Service for the Highest Good,

Lisa Mintz Kavas, M.I.B.A., H.H.P.
Primary Gemagician

2 thoughts on “Are You A Gemstone Healer?”

  1. hi i have been using crystals for a number of years, i go purely on instinct when i am healing, i ask the energy before my healing if i need crystals, the crystals i need make themselves no to me .
    Whiterose healing (family) we are several therapist who all work together we all use crystals in some way or another.
    Sarah kerr one of the family is a crystal therapist she uses many crystals also helps us out with her knowledge of crystals
    love and light whiterose family

  2. Hi Linda! Welcome to the GemPowerment Blog by me, the Gem Yenta! Thanks so much for sharing your comments on my “Are You A Gemstone Healer” article. I agree that each of us works with crystals in a different way and that’s the point! How lovely! Have a Gem of a Day! Lisa the Gem Yenta ♥

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