Biomat Bliss Sessions

What Is A Biomat Bliss Session?

A Biomat Bliss session is a bio-energetic, holistic healing treatment lasting approximately 20-40 minutes which consists of the following:

Biomat Bliss

  1. Amethyst Biomat customized to suit your health and wellness needs.
  2. Relaxing Hemi-Sync technology music to balance your brain hemispheres and induce an even deeper meditative, healing state.
  3. Whichever of the following is priority for your optimal health and balance for the session:
    • Aromatherapy and/or Topical Application of Essential OilsAmethyst Biomat With Healing Stones
    • Chromo Therapy
    • Flower and/or Gemstone Essences or Homeopathic Remedies
    • ¬†Sound Healing with Tuning Forks or Crystal Singing Bowls
    • Chakra and/or Subtle Body Balance
    • Reiki

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Sessions are currently available by appointment only in Seattle, WA.

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