Holistic Kinesiology

What Are Holistic Kinesiology Sessions?

Overall wellness is based on a balance of health in our physical and subtle bodies, our emotions, thoughts, diet, relationships, and our environment. Because all aspects of our Being are interconnected, when we are experiencing less than optimal wellness, pain, or stress, this is indicative of blocked energy. Holistic Kinesiology is a way of working with the body’s natural flow of energy to figure out where there is a block on which level and to clear it. When energy blocks are removed, very often the symptoms go away naturally.

Muscle Testing


Holistic Kinesiology uses muscle-testing, which is a bio-feedback system to indicate when there is stress on the system. This is used to guide the practitioner to the priority correction. An H.K. Session begins with a series of checks using muscle-testing to make sure the body is responding appropriately. Then a symptom can be targeted for clearing or a goal can be set to release all blocks on all the levels as they come forward to clear.

This natural feedback process allows a Holistic Kinesiologist to isolate and then clear, layer by layer, the root of the issue. Part of the session is also to see what other modalities or tools can be helpful to support the correction, such as lifestyle changes or nutrition, etc.. If the body indicates that the required modality lies outside of the purview of the practitioner, then a referral can be made, however, most of the time symptoms are drastically reduced and even eliminated in one session. As with all natural therapies, Holistic Kinesiology is limited by the body’s own ability to self heal. Holistic Kinesiology addresses the causes of the issue and prepares the body-mind to begin the healing process.

H.K. sessions are done in the office and can take anywhere from approximately 30 – 50 minutes, but sometimes a little longer. The Amethyst Biomat usually accompanies this treatment, before, during, and/or after as a compliment to healing unless otherwise counter-indicated.

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Want to learn more about Holistic Kinesiology ?  Check out our very own Gem Yenta as she taught an enthusiastic class all about Holistic Kinesiology otherwise known as Muscle Testing.


Here Lisa gives an overview and a basic history of Holistic Kinesiology.




Lisa covers an explanation of the physical method and a demonstration with a “client” to introduce them to muscle testing.




Lisa covers the easiest and best way to perform self-testing that will provide correct results for the beginner and up.




Lisa covers if your results are not clear or muddled, or you are not feeling “on”, these checks and corrections can be done on both the tester and the testee to increase relaxation and objectivity and therefore increase the likelihood of correct response.




Lisa covers some things to consider when forming your questions for muscle testing.


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