Blue Apatite and Molybdenum for Full Moon in Leo 1-23-16

Blue Apatite invites you to Enjoy Responsibly!
Blue Apatite invites you to Enjoy Responsibly!

Greetings Beautiful, Sparkly GemPeople and Happy Full Moon Blessings to each of you! Today’s Full Moon at 3 degrees Leo heralds a cosmic party with fun and personal willpower to manifest! We are balancing this with the Sun in Aquarius, the sign of social consciousness. I’m hearing that our motto for this Full Moon is, “Enjoy Responsibly!”

Guidance has given an interesting combination from the Mineral Kingdom to assist us with this Full Wolf Moon through to the Full Moon in February. Blue Apatite and the elemental metal Molybdenum are suggested for the next month. Like the late, great Mr. Jones notes in his famous song, we are all under pressure: to redefine ourselves as we cast off our old trappings of life and belief and create our new world. This is the central conundrum of our Aquarian Age and the perfect juxtaposition for this Full Moon: how we are part of the collective, working lovingly towards bettering the planet and ourselves to vibrate accordingly, while also finding our personal joy and becoming the best versions of ourselves as is our divine birthright.


Apatite in general stands at the still point between thought and matter, acting as a mediator to ensure a balance between both. Blue Apatite can assist with the seeing of the unseen, whether that is the realm of Angels and fairies, or insight into one’s consciousness, and then to use this information to help others in humanitarian pursuits. This stone has been known to clear the auric field and promote intuition and imagination. It assists helping the wearer let go of people or situations that no longer serve the person’s Highest Good and can help with the metabolism and promote healthy eating habits.

Molybdenum is a very soft, high luster, silvery metal with a hexagonal matrix structure, which is used in steel alloys and industrial lubricants for applications where there is intense heat and pressure. You can find this element commonly in Molybdenite, which is the molydendum sulphide mineral and is a major ore of Molybdenum.  You can often find Molybdenite in Quartz, or the mineral Wulfenite contains Mo as well, but also Lead (Pb) so be careful in application. Molybdenum is an element which brings balance into a situation and engenders harmony by “lubricating” electro-magnetic fields of the participants in a situation so promote a resonate frequency. This element supports equilibrium on all levels.  It is known to clear all chakras and be especially helpful for emotional stressors such as anxiety and fear.

Molybdenum absorbs negativity and engenders equalibrium in all bodies.
Molybdenum absorbs negativity and engenders equalibrium in all bodies.

Guidance suggests wearing Blue Apatite during waking and creating hours, and keeping any form of Molybdenum near your sleep space (Molybdenite or Wulfenite) as much as you can this month. Don’t forget Mo as a trace mineral!! If you do not have either of these stones, asking a Quartz crystal to hold energies of the Devas of Apatite and Molybdenum will suffice. Treat your stones and minerals with respect with proper cleaning, energizing, and programming as needed.

Wishing you Wellness at the Speed of Light and Love on your Journey!

Lisa ♥

Lisa M. Mintz Kavas

GeMaven and Quantum Wellness Advocate

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