The Present Is Your Presence: Purple Fluorite and Blue Sapphire for Full Moon on Christmas 12-25-15

Purple FluoriteGreetings Beloved GemPowerment People!! Wishing you many Full Moon Blessings on this very special day! We have this Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas day, at 11:11am (UT) opposing the Sun in Capricorn. Cancer Moon opposing Capricorn Sun is about asking the question where are we balanced, or not, with our internal/external worlds, work/play, discipline/spontaneity, rest/action.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this will be an intense and powerful day astrologically, numerologically, and energetically. We have just come through the Solstice, which always effects  the electro-magnetic fields of the planet, and hence in our bodies. This always provides a shift, from the micro to macro-cosmic, and with it the opportunity to really makes some profound changes. Additionally, 12-25-2015 is a Universal 9 date, number of humanitarianism and compassion. 11:11 gate is open for new creativity and December is Universal 11 month. We stand at the doorway of new creation. It’s up to us!Blue Sapphire Cab

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 25th is illuminating emotions that have not been brought to the surface; most likely with close personal/family/friend/work relationships that affect us deeply. Sun in Capricorn highlights the parts of ourselves that has responsibilities to those in the afore-mentioned relationships and all the roles and obligations that may no longer work for us. There are bound to be conflicts as we endeavor to create something new; especially since not everybody is willing to change at the same rate. But there is also increased compassion and sense of willingness to see a new perspective with this opposition.

Uranus stations direct – end of Uranus squaring Pluto  –  on 25th 26th – breaking up old rules, awakening, shifting perspective and imagination. So we have some help here moving the old energy and finding new options we may not have been willing to consider previously.

Emotions are our barometer for what choices are right for us in our lives. When we feel “negative” emotions, it’s a sign something in our lives is not in alignment with our Hearts’ Desires: who we truly are and becoming. This is our time to create something authentic, fresh, & new, so…now is the time to ask ourselves what passion springs from our Heart Centers that we want to manifest in the world? It’s a new beginning so look at what you are considering doing or changing, no matter how weird it sounds, but if it feels right and makes our Hearts sing, then we know we’re on the right track. Capricorn is there to help us formulate our game plan when we figure it out and make sure we look at the bigger picture of what we want to create and how that will affect others. Also, how does the new idea/plan play out on the ego/karma scale? Make sure our intention is pure and having faith that we will still get our personal needs met when we walk our Path of the Heart.  It’s OK if you don’t have an answer right away…it’s asking the question and being open to what’s possible, as long as you let your heart lead. The best way to do this is to stay present in the moment and be conscious of your emotions.

That’s a lot to comprehend and integrate, but as usual our friends in the Mineral Kingdom are offering their energetic assistance to help us through this time. For the next month, until the next Full Moon, the combination of Purple Fluorite and Blue Sapphire will be the ticket.

Purple Fluorite

Fluorite is truly a multi-dimensional and multi-purpose Mineral Ally. Fluorite will assist us in this process to sort through and decide what illuminated and refined items to put on our plate to sample and explore. We are integrating so many things:  information, energies, relationship dynamics with others and with ourselves, you name it! It’s like being a huge buffet  table and having to choose which dishes will serve us for health, which look good but we know to empty temptations, which to appreciate from afar and which to dig in and enjoy. This is “more than a metaphor” as the applications can go from 3D and literally what to eat, to spiritual, i.e. what feels right and your new perceptions about reality. And with all the feasting and over-indulging on emotional chow-chow with the Holidays, Fluorite can help us keep to the middle ground and gain the observer’s perspective. Purple Fluorite in particular helps keeps us connected with our Higher Selves via the Crown Chakra and invites insight via the Pineal/Brow Chakra.  This will be important when strong emotions surge so we can keep our balance and assess vs. being swept up.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is a stone that invites us to connect with the Higher realms to garner wisdom and insight. It is said to be a stone that brings authenticity to one’s actions and assists with releasing trapped energies on all levels. As Blue Sapphire is stimulating to the Throat Chakra, we may find ourselves speaking more eloquently and passionately during this next month. Blue Sapphire can assist us in communicating with our Guides and help us trust ourselves and our choices in the knowing we are being inspired by the Divine.

Together this combination of stones can help keep you explore what needs to be released and what can replace that space in a way which supports your Highest good. Guidance suggests you wear these stones as much as possible over the next month. If your stones are in jewelry and there are other stones in the setting, that’s OK. Clear and program your stones with intention and if you can, charge them at the Full Moon by an open window. Take them off or put them elsewhere at night to get a rest. If you feel them getting “muddy” or they cloud up, do a quick cleansing and re-program before continuing to use so they do not crack from holding too much energy.

Lovingly submitted in Divine Service,


Lisa M. Mintz Kavas

GeMaven and Quantum Wellness Advocate

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