Assist with discipline, willpower, and self-mastery

Black Onyx Faceted oblongs and pewter bead bracelet and earrings

Black Onyx is a grounding stone that can assist the wearer with discipline, willpower, and self-mastery. Black Onyx can help connect one with the Iron Core Crystal of the Earth, and so help discover one’s “roots”, or to “get to the core” of an issue.… Continue Reading “Assist with discipline, willpower, and self-mastery”

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Enhance creativity and see the “Big Picture”

“Rusty” Multi-color Quartz rectangles, Faceted Rose Quartz oblongs, and 4mm Botswana Agate spheres, with Sterling Silver toggle clasp necklace and earring set:

The many colors in these “Rusty” Quartz rectagles come from inclusions at the molecular level of minerals (i.e.… Continue Reading “Enhance creativity and see the “Big Picture””

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Bring forth your life partner

Crocheted wire bracelet with faceted Lavender Quartz rondelles, Rose Quartz disks, Green Onyx hearts, and green faceted crystals. Closed with heart-shaped toggle clasp.

Lavender Quartz is a stone to assist the wearer in re-connecting with their Soul Knowledge of their true Life Purpose and helps to gently expose any conflicts the person has on any level with committing to that Purpose.… Continue Reading “Bring forth your life partner”

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