Chrome Diopside for the Great American Eclipse 8-21-17


Greetings my Beloved GemPowerment Peeps! I have been called to break from my sabbatical to bring you a message from the Crystal Kingdom for this upcoming, powerful, astrological event. As it is quite easy to find out bunches of information about the actual eclipse, I will refer you to those many sources on the Internet and beyond.

Guidance presents Chrome Diopside to assist us with our energies on the day, and only on the day, of the eclipse, although you can be anywhere in the world, and viewing or not.

Chrome Diopside is one of the few naturally green gemmy stones, meaning it can be found in transparent form and is generally eye-clean. Chemically, it is a Calcium Magnesium Silicate (CaMgSi2O6) at about a 5 or 6 on the Moh’s Scale of hardness with the Chromium thrown in to produce the green color.  The cabochon cut of an opaque stone shows beautiful asterism. These stones are usually only found in smaller carat sizes as the stones tend to get darker as they get bigger due to reduced light refraction inside the stone.

Chrome Diopside rondelles and vermeil with CD cab and diamond pendant.

Chrome Diopside is known to connect one with the Spirit of Gaia, to release emotional traumas from our past, to activate our innate Heart intelligence and our inherent ability to creatively manifest our goals. If you haven’t had a good cry in a while, Chrome Diopside can help bring that forward in a healing way. When all barriers break down we can reveal the jewel at the center of our Heart that is timeless and eternal. That is the gift of these energies that Chrome Diopside can help you receive.

For the eclipse specifically, Chrome Diopside will assist us in keeping the Ca+ and Mg+ balance in our physical hearts to help balance us from any electro-magnetic energies that occur during the event. Since we are electrical beings, this keeps our entire corporeal form in optimal energetic flow, as well as our subtle bodies, as the Earth is bathed in the Light Codes from the Universe on this day. Chrome Diopside offers entrainment of our individual Heart Centers with the One True Heart of the Cosmos, and this total eclipse is an opportunity to align with that energy. As the Sun and Moon appear to become one, we are reminded that we are ONE on this planet.

The best way to interact with Chrome Diopside is to wear (cleansed and charged) the stones on the day. If you wear your stone(s) during the actual event where they are exposed, guidance suggests they can be programmed with your intention to use as power stones for the next month in all your endeavors that have to do with that intention. You might decide to make a gem elixir with your eclipse-charged stone(s) for longer exposure to those energies.

The Deva of Chrome Diopside has her same message for us:

“I offer the gift of illumination of the Path to True Heart’s Desire. Peer into me as though looking at the many facets of what you believe you have in your Heart to divine what is Truth. See the Green Ray of Healing burn away all that does not serve your Highest Good. I assist with healing (especially physical) of the Heart from unfulfilled Desires of the past and help to release those with this process.”

Once again, I send each of you beloved GemPeeps on your way with my deepest Love and Blessings!

Crystalline Healing for All,

Lisa, the GeMaven ♥

Lisa M. Mintz Kavas

GeMaven and Quantum Wellness Advocate

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