Emerald for Full Moon in Gemini 12-13-16

Emerald opens and tonifies the Heart Chakra to align us with our Divine Selves.

Greetings my Sparkly GemPowerment People and wishing you all many blessings for the last Full Moon of 2016 in Gemini!  Many of us are ready for this year to be done, which is fitting as this is the end of a 9-year cycle with 2016 being a Universal 9 year. In addition, we are also being bathed in Light Codes from the Central Sun for the next few weeks in the 12:12 through 12:21 portal, which is our annual invitation to vibrate in alignment with the higher frequencies of the Universe and shed everything that does not serve that purpose.

With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Full Moon in Gemini, we are being asked to look at wisdom vs. learning, and higher ideals vs. basic logical chop-wood, carry-water knowledge. This is a variation on a theme that has been going on for a while in the cosmos; about balancing our individual needs and process of ascension, with that of the collective. It should be very obvious at this point that, and possibly to the chagrin of those of us who have been working at this longer, we are only going to get there together. That means we need gurus of practicality, as well as, those who dance with elevated topics and our individual stories or success and failure on this Path, to offer our assistance and experience to one another. When we consider the Indigenous axiom of “We are the ones we have been waiting for,” it means that each of us has the responsibility for what we create. At this point in our Ascension process we have all the knowledge we need to create our Heaven on Earth, and we are on the precipice of the doorway to begin creating it (2017 is a 1 Universal year). How will we do this?

We, each individual, is his/her own guru and scholar, replete with the wisdom of the ages to be accessed in our cells and being-ness. As we experience this dimensional shift, we are more than our life experience in this lifetime…we are the end result of all our lifetimes…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our doorway to re-discover this knowing-ness and experience is through the portal of our Hearts. Many have spoken about the Earth moving from a mind-centered to a heart-centered impetus for creation. This is how we access all this ancient and current knowledge, and gain the wisdom we need to do what’s right in the moment for ourselves individually, as well as, collectively.

The Mineral Kingdom has been seeded, cultivated, and distributed for eons with the Mission to assist Humanity in this time, for this Ascension process. Stones and metals are our allies to keep us in vibrational resonance with our intentions and desires because their gift is being able to hold a constant vibration vs. people, who change frequencies all the time. For this particular cross-section of cosmic energies, Guidance is offering Emerald as the primary gemstone to keep us in alignment until the next New Moon on 12-29-16, right before we move into the New Year.

Emerald is the green variety of Beryl, and is the quintessential Heart Chakra stone to help heal and open the Heart on all levels. It is a water element stone and the carrier of the Green Ray of Healing on Earth. Beryls, due to their hexagonal physical structure, also carry the energy of the Merkava and the number 6: of Love, the Kabbalistic Tifareth or True Self, and of emanation of our Heart’s Desires out through our hands into what we create in the world. Emerald also connects us with the Wisdom of the Heart. The Heart Chakra is the center of our physical selves and is the meeting point of emotion, thought, and spirituality, as well as health. The core function of Emerald is to align things in harmony and peace with All That Is in Perfect Order. Emerald helps a person move past feelings of victimization or unworthiness to recognize her innate Divine Birthright of existence and co-creation. Due to this, Emerald can also help draw in abundance and wealth, in whichever way a person thinks of this. Emerald can assist us in transmuting any imbalances on any of the etheric levels that are causing us imbalance in the physical heart, such as sadness, worry, feeling isolated, or a disconnection with Spirit. This amazing gemstone heals and tonifies on multiple dimensions and is a true representation of how much we are loved and nurtured by Mother Earth. Time to heal and embrace our destinies and give our love back to the planet.

Emerald will be working with us energetically for the next two weeks. The best way to work with this gemstone is to have a prepared Emerald physically on your person as much as possible during your waking hours. At night let your Emerald rest on your night stand. You can prepare your stone by clearing/cleansing of former energies, and then charging and programming with your new intentions. You can use either a raw or faceted Emerald for this purpose, and it’s best if you can wear it as a necklace over your heart. If your Emerald is already in jewelry, be careful when cleansing – i.e. perhaps use a gentle method like sage smoke or using your breath. You can charge by placing your clean piece where it will catch some of the moonlight, like on a windowsill or outside overnight if it’s not too cold out. Then set your intention for what you feel you need the most help with over the next two weeks.

In-Joy and may each of you be Blessed on your Path,

In Divine Service,


Lisa M. Mintz Kavas

GeMaven and Quantum Wellness Advocate

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