How I Met The Biomat by Robert Simmons, author of The Book of Stones

Book of Stones author Robert Simmons loves this Biomat!
Book of Stones author Robert Simmons loves this Biomat!

This is an excerpt from a recent article by Robert Simmons and his experience with the Biomat at the Tucson show in 2010. He bought one on the spot and has been using them ever since. I would say an endorsement from him is the “gold standard” of opinions! Here’s what he had to say about it:

“During the 2010 Tucson show, the staff members at Heaven and Earth kept disappearing down the hall. What’s more, when they left the showrooms, they were tired and footsore from the long days on their feet waiting on our customers, and when they came back twenty or thirty minutes later, they were perky and energetic again. And they kept talking about the room down the hall where they were taking their breaks. The man down there was letting them have free sessions lying down on something he called a Biomat. I was immediately suspicious. How could ten for fifteen minutes lying down on a mat do so much good? But my staff members kept on singing the praises of this apparently magical device. And, I had to admit that whatever was making them feel re-energized was good for them and good for our business.

Finally my wife Kathy went down and tried it. She too felt completely refreshed by her ten-minute session. I decided I should meet the man with the mats [some text removed] and learn a little more about Biomats.

The first thing I learned intrigued me. The Biomat was designed as a device for energy healing, and for enhancing one’s overall wellbeing, using a combination of modalities. The mat itself is long enough for a person to lie down on, and it’s completely filled with Amethyst – about twenty-three pounds of Amethyst! From my work with crystals, I knew that Amethyst was a powerful healing stone. I could imagine that reclining on that much of it would do a lot to clear and refresh one’s energies.

I also found out that the Biomat utilizes heat – far infrared heat – as another dimension of its treatment. Something about the combination of the Amethyst and the far infrared energy coming through the stones in the mat seemed to bring an almost instant regeneration of one’s energy and feeling of wellbeing. Even the tired feet of my workers felt a lot better!

My wife and staff kept going to sessions through the whole Tucson show, and at the end (of course!) we went home with our own Biomat. But I didn’t have my first session until I was back in Vermont.

We had purchased an Amethyst-filled Biomat plus the Tourmaline pillow. As I reclined and the heat sink in, my body immediately relaxed, and I sunk into a deep meditative state. It was almost as though the Biomat was ‘turning on’ the meditation without any help from me!

Afterwards I was so relaxed and refreshed I almost seemed to have had a full night’s sleep. Also, I felt as though my subtle energies had been purified on a very deep level. After more uses, I have come to think of the Biomat as more than a healing device. It is also a meditative and energetic tool for anyone hoping to reach deeper states of awareness.”

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If you’d like to read the full article, it was published in the Fall Buyers Guide for the Denver Gem & Mineral Show 2011.

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