Grand Planetary Stone Council on the End of the Mayan Calendar 10/28/11

GPSC on the End of the Mayan Calendar
GPSC on the End of the Mayan Calendar

If you like to work with stones/crystals/gems in any way, you’ll really like this channeling! It’s quite profound information. In-Joy!

“This date is very auspicious as the end of a very long cycle for Humanity. From the very beginning, we (GPSC) have been working with many other Councils and Groups of Light to coordinate the most precious minerals for implantation into the planet for eventual emergence at a pre-destined time in Humanity’s evolution.

We guided this process for many thousands of years, to correspond with the various spatial layers of evolution. This was the way consciousness of the beings on the planet and the Spirit of Gaia herself grew together and a vibrational harmonic was created and maintained for great epocs of Time.

In later years, the release/availability of various mineral forms was more fluid and depended on the rate of Humanity’s progress, and upon certain collective choices that were made. This was all based on the frequency of consciousness at any given point in Time. Most often a certain stone would not be available until a critical mass in consciousness was reached. Sometimes however, certain gemstones and crystals were made available to affect the desired vibrational shift. This has not been to manipulate Humanity; it has been done in accordance with the Agreement of the GPSC Mission to assist the process of transition of Humanity and Earth in alignment with the Light.

Now You (Humanity) are beginning a period of co-creation with the Universe. The charter of the GPSC is altered to reflect this. While we will still oversee seeding of new materials as needed to ensure supply from an archetypal/multi-dimensional space, Humanity itself has become (and will continue to become) increasingly crystalline. Therefore you will be able to communicate with Gaia directly to produce those minerals you need/desire, within the physical parameters of the Earth being able to do so. You have this ability already and now need to learn to use this with integrity and respect for Gaia and Universal laws. You may also find certain minerals that have/will merge(d) and will appear in combinations that have not been previously observed or encountered. This is the Earth already responding to the changing vibrational shifts. There will be a need to be more conscious in requesting these new mineral forms as resonant frequency must be achieved for “right creation.” This mis-matching of frequency and forced creation was one of the primary contributing factors to the fall of Atlantis.

So, it is now more important than ever for each person working with the Mineral Kingdom to commit to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the power held within these materials. It is no mistake that certain stones find certain people at specific points in the timeline.

There will also be a “changing of the Guard” as you say, regarding assignments of which Minerals/Stones hold various color Rays for the living body of Gaia. In some cases these will be totally re-assigned from one existing mineral form to another. Some Rays will have multiple stones holding one particular frequency with slight variations in tone to accommodate shifts/waves of Light within that range. There may even be a few Rays that will be held by completely new mineral beings or combinations that are/will be coming forward! Part of this depends on Humanity and what is co-created. Be aware of your individual subtle bodies and Chakra system to give you a preview of these Rays as Humanity and Gaia are linked (and continue to evolve together) in this way.”

Submitted in Loving Service,

Lisa Mintz Kavas
Gem Yenta and Primary Gemagician

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