Krypton For Full Moon Lunar Eclipse March 23, 2016

Krypton glows bluish white when ignited by electrons.
Krypton glows bluish white when ignited by electrons.

Many Blessings to each of you, Beloved GemPowerment People!! I am so happy to greet you in this time of amazing energy and potential for transformation and transmutation! As you are no doubt aware, at roughly 5am Pacific Time/USA on March 23, we have the culmination of the Lunar eclipse for this Full Moon in Libra, while the Sun has, just a few days before, begun its yearly astrological progression in Aries. Having also just passed the Aries Equinox a few days ago, it should also come as no surprise that finding balance amid the chaos is indeed the order of the times.  On the one hand we have the energy of Libra which evokes compromise, diplomacy, and harmony, and relationship with equal power where everybody gets their needs met. Aries is the sign of being independent, assertive, and the energy of “Do you.” As with all Full Moons, the two signs are in opposition and the question is how to resolve them. With the eclipse the shadow side of these signs can creep out, such as aggressiveness and being impulsive on the Aries side, and on the Libra side co-dependency and an inability to make a decision. How can we move forward with the positive aspects of each, working beneficially? This will especially make us look at relationships and figuring out who we are and what is our purpose vs. others in our lives, whether this is at home, work, school, or any organization of which we are a member. In addition we have had lost of solar and geomagnetic energies these last few weeks. We might need some extra energetic protection so we can do our work?

On that note, on to the Guidance for these energies brought to you by our Grand Planetary Stone Council and my Guidance. This is a first in GemPowerment history: the first time a Noble Gas has been named to assist! Krypton (Kr) is a non-toxic, chemically inert, clear, and odorless gas. The name comes from the Greek word for “hidden.” Krypton does exist naturally in Earth’s atmosphere, at about 1ppm. This gas is used quite a lot in medicine, in lasers, and lends its blue/white glow to neon signs. That’s pretty good for an element that is almost completely non-reactive and relatively rare. In light bulbs, Krypton is added to improve efficiency. It has a high enough molecular weight to be able to surround and protects the Tungsten filament in incandescent light bulbs, reducing evaporation of the filament and thus allowing more of the electrical energy to be converted into visible light vs. heat.

Very few people are going to have access to ampules of pure Krypton or would like to work with a Krypton-containing light bulb, so the assignment for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse through the New Moon April 7th is to call on the Deva of Krypton during meditation and fill your auric bubble with the energy of this Noble Gas for maximum protection and longer life when the energies become too intense for you. You don’t want to burn out! I am told that Krypton is available for assistance in this way for the full effect of this eclipse, which will be for the next 6 months, as needed.

Many astrology and New Age writers have declared this Full Moon a “tipping point,” after which there is no going back to the old way of being, or at least without some unpleasant consequences. This is supposedly true for those of us who have awakened, as it’s called, and a point at which those who have not yet begun waking up may begin to feel the friction in their lives. To me it feels energetically like that moment on one of those old wooden roller coasters when you have reached the top and you are just perfectly balanced before beginning the wild ride. The trip up the hill was agonizingly slow in anticipation of the thrill to come, and even a little peaceful having a view if you could relax enough to enjoy it. Now……hold on and enjoy the ride!!

Wishing you Wellness At The Speed Of Light and Joy in Your Journey!

Lovingly submitted in Divine Service,


Lisa M. Mintz Kavas

GeMaven and Quantum Wellness Advocate

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