Rhodonite for New Moon in Aries 4-7-16

Rhodonite helps assuage past deep emotional trauma.
Rhodonite helps assuage past deep emotional trauma.

Greetings my Sparkly GemPeople! We have both the Sun and Moon in Aries (along with Venus and Uranus) so it’s time for courage, moving forward, energy, going with gut feelings, inspiration, insight and, CHANGE! It’s what’s for breakfast! We might feel unstable with this momentum, and perhaps a few traumas come up that have not been deactivated from our bodies. This is when it’s time for Rhodonite!

Rhodonite is a 5.5-6.5 on the Moh’s Scale and is fairly easy to find. Of course the Rhodon comes from the Greek for Rose, like in Rhodocrosite. This stone is basically a Quartz Silicate, colored by Manganese, much like Rose Quartz. However, it grows more slowly than its more light-colored cousin, thus allowing other elements to sometimes mix in and for the Manganese to oxidize and develop the tell-take black dendritic veins. The manganese can be partly replaced by iron, magnesium, calcium, and sometimes zinc, which lends itself to further coloring in tans, whites, and even greens. It also means that Rhodonite rarely forms crystals, but can sometimes come in a pure pink gemmy form, which is quite expensive and rare.rhodonitenecklace

This is an amazing stone that connects our High Heart with our Soul Star chakras, so we can face any emotional traumas with fearlessness and the ability to ground the energies into the Earth for recycling. With these chakras energized, this can engender confidence, calmness in the face of emotional drama or trauma, and an opening to forgiveness, perhaps where there had been none previously. If you have Rhodonite jewelry, wear it as much as you can during the day when you are interacting with others, because being a Heart-centered stone we are working on all relationships, otherwise a small tumbled piece will do in your bra or pocket. You can also use it for meditation on past emotional trauma for the next two weeks until the Full Moon on 4/22/16.

Wishing you many Blessings and Wellness and the Speed of Light!

Lisa ♥

Lisa M. Mintz Kavas

GeMaven and Quantum Wellness Advocate

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