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Spiritual Modalities & Natural Healing Therapies

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is an effective, high-vibrational, modality for releasing programs or patterns we have carried forward from past lifetimes or experiences that are affecting our current incarnation and may be blocking us from moving forward on our Life Path or Purpose or from receiving our greatest health, wealth, and/or happiness. This modality works on the Akashic Soul Level to release this negative programming and allows the Soul to move into a more joyful and complete expression of itself.  This healing can be done in person or remotely.

Spiritual Healing Therapy

The client first identifies a particular issue to clear. This can be a situation that tends to keep repeating in a person’s life or something that is coming up around which the client is experiencing challenges. SRT can also be utilized around resolving relationships with people if there has been no opportunity for “closure” or even when there has, to clear all programs so these will not have to be repeated in future relationships. SRT can also be very effective at working on physical body issues , especially as a compliment to other modalities.

SRT Sessions consist of the practitioner utilizing a large number of specialized charts and a pendulum, along with a carefully-set, high-vibrational environment, to ensure the utmost in integrity and connection with the SRT Healing ModalitiesCouncils of Light. Doing SRT takes many hours of education and supervised practice, and there is always room for deepening one’s understanding of this body of knowledge. I was fortunate enough to be trained by the Founder of SRT, Robert Detzler, who has recently transitioned. I have found this to be a profound modality which benefits not only the person being cleared and sometimes others involved, but Humanity and the Planet as a whole. SRT Sessions are offered at $120 an hour.

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Here is a list of issues SRT can help you with.  Remember, benefits may not happen instantly and your conscious involvement to maintain and build on the new, higher level of consciousness can also have an effect on how fully the clearing manifests. This is because we are all here to continue learning and growing.  However, with the removal of the negative energies, and with renewed clarity and focus, all of these things can be achieved.

  • Release your subconscious blocks
    • Wealth
    • Abundance
    • Prosperity
    • Health
    • Happiness
    • Harmonious relationships
  • Break your old habits
    • Cravings & Addictions
    • Drug abuse
    • Health abuse
    • Childhood fears
    • Allergies
  • Release repeat patterns
    • Relationships that don’t work
    • Making the same mistakes over & over again
    • Emotional difficulties
  • Empower Yourself
    • Conquer your phobias, agoraphobia/claustrophobia, etc.
    • Break free from manic depression
    • Remove your obsessions/compulsions
    • Leave the past behind you
    • Deal with relationship conflicts
  • Increase your energy
    • Become vital again
    • Replace negative thinking with positive
  • Reach your full potential
    • Achieve your dream
    • Feel free to make your own choices
    • Discover focus and clarity
    • Live in harmony and acceptance with yourself
    • Regain your confidence and self-esteem
  • Clear negative energies
    • From your home/work
    • Around birth or giving birth
    • Around death (including the dying & those who have passed over)


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