The Importance of Energetic Self-Care In A Busy World

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Everybody knows what it means to “be stressed” but most of us can’t really define what stress is. We can only describe how it feels to be stressed, or have stress, i.e. usually what physical symptoms present themselves. We may not delve any further into the mental, emotional, or energetic manifestations of stress since the physical ones are usually the most obvious.

When we experience stress of any type, our bodies react as though we were in danger, i.e. fight, flight, or freeze. The reptilian or ancient brain takes over and does what it needs to in order to keep us alive. We may experience increased heart-rate, our adrenal glands pump out adrenaline, our breathing either increases or we hold our breath depending on the response, etc. In a perfect situation, when the stress is gone, i.e the sabre-tooth tiger has gone away, we should be able to return to normal. If you have ever seen an animal after it has been chased, it shakes this energy off with intense muscle twitching. Once the chase is done it’s back to grazing with no worrying about what could have happened or trauma.

In our world of chronic stress, humans have become less able to do this. When we are exposed to constant stressors  of any type – environmental, emotional, social, financial, physical, mental, energetic – our bodies release a higher level of cortisol. Over time, there is a cascade effect where too much cortisol burns out the adrenal glands, as well as their control centers which are the Hypothalamus and Pituitary glands. This then affects most of the other endocrine systems in the body, such as reproductive, immune, and digestive.  It is currently estimated that about 70% of disease in our society today has its roots in stress. Personally I think it’s more when we consider this over time and the lack of ways we deal with it in today’s western cultures.

What energy modalities do is “unhook” the current trauma or stress that one is experiencing, that our high, logical brain knows we can deal with, from past trauma/stress triggers. One of the easiest and quickest tools I have found to do this is “tapping.” Also called Emotional Freedom Technique, it utilizes rubbing or tapping on various acupuncture points while stating the problem or cause of the stress.  Click here to see a list of references.

Other energy medicine or vibrational healing modalities work with raising vibration to shift the focus away from trauma/stress. This is almost a Pavlovian response so that, when one is exposed to a problem or situation that used to cause stress, the negative reaction goes away because the cells become entrained with the state of “higher” vibration that does not resonate with the lower-vibration emotions caused by the stress such as anger, fear, etc. It is proven in Quantum Theory in the concept of entanglement, that once two subatomic particles have connected, they continue to be connected even through vast distances of space and time, so that when one is affected so is the other. When we entrain to the higher frequency, our cells remember that and vibrate higher, and the cells around it vibrate higher too. It’s like a cellular game of Minesweeper! Once cells vibrate to the higher state, they are less likely to go back to low vibration. Click here to see the list of references.

So, the best part about energetic self-care is that it is self-empowering! When we know that we have it in our power to utilize these tools and modalities to consciously create our bodies, minds, and hearts every day, it can change our entire outlook on Life. We now have a choice:  it may take some work, but it is there for us if we want to free ourselves from stuck patterns to use that energy for what we really want to create.

Wishing You Wellness At The Speed Of Light!


Lisa M. Mintz Kavas

Quantum Wellness Advocate and GeMaven

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Thank you and much Crystal Light and Healing for All!

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