Tyrolite for 9-1-13 through Equinox 9-22-13

Find harmony and alignment with resources for personal improvement with Tyrolite
Find harmony and alignment with resources for personal improvement with Tyrolite

Greetings, Beloved GemPowerment Family!  It is my pleasure to introduce you to a “new” stone in the GemPowerment knowledgebase – Tyrolite.

First, a little on the physical properties of this stone. Tyrolite [(CaCu5(AsO4)2(CO3)(OH)4•6(H2O)] is a secondary copper mineral which was first cataloged in 1845 and named for the locality in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria where it was discovered. It is a very soft mineral, at 1.5 to 2 on the Moh’s Scale, and can present in a variety of colors from blue, blue green, green blue, to light green. Tyrolite is found mostly in Europe with some localities in Russia and the U.S.  Due to these parameters, it is usually only available in raw form and fairly rare, although it is only moderately expensive when you do find it.

Now, let’s explore some of the metaphysical properties of Tyrolite. This is a mineral of alignment and of attracting resources; especially those we may not have remembered or to which we thought we had loss access. Tyrolite honors the fact that we are perfectly imperfect Humans living in a physical body, while aspiring to be the best and do the best we can walking our Spiritual Paths in integrity. In fact, it knows we may need a little help in the process of integrating this. Tyrolite is known to support harmony in between the physical and subtle bodies, which can be very useful especially to those of us who are sensitive to changing electro-magentic fields (like from solar flares, earth shifts, and some man-made causes). Tyrolite tunes us to become antennae for what we are requiring to create on our Path, and can assist us in manifesting these in win-win scenarios with others as they are doing the same.  Tyrolite encourages us to periodically stop and fine-tune the antennae to ensure what we are attracting is still in alignment with the most elegant way to the goal as dynamics can often change.  Also, if you are subject to procrastination or sabotaging coping tendencies that serve to distract you from your Path, Tyrolite can be the vibrational reminder of the Higher Expression of your goal to offer renewed inspiration.

Today’s post on Tyrolite is not tied to any specific astrological date, but rather a course of them which culminate at the Equinox on 9-22-13. From today on we have a New Moon on 9-5-13, a Full Moon on the 19th, and then the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd for the Equinox. This is a kind of mini completion cycle to get oriented and focused on goals on all levels over the next 3 weeks to prepare for the new energies coming in at the Equinox.

Tyrolite is best utilized by placing near you or on your person (either in a bra or pocket) while you are working on your goals, and can be placed on your night table while sleeping to it can work with you in your dreamtime. You can also meditate with it. I would not recommend putting it in your pillow due to it being such a soft mineral. Also, if you feel moved to create a gem water with Tyrolite, please note there is Arsenic in it, so best to use an indirect method where the mineral does not come into contact with the water. Similarly, if you need to energetically clean a specimen, I would suggest a gentle method such as sage smoke or placing on top of a charged Quartz cluster. As always, if you don’t have a piece of this subtle beauty, ask the Deva of Tyrolite to assist you. The very short but profound message from the Deva is, “Create what you are Be-ing.”

Lovingly Submitted in Service to the Mission,

Lisa – GemPowerment Gemagician and Advocate for Your Quantum Wellness

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